The XIII International Forum

December 7-8, 2023, St.Petersburg

Arctic: today and the future




How we decipher our name.

Hi - high level in everything you do and produce.

SPOrt - sport where it's impossible to live and win without advanced technology.

The founder of HISPO brand is a practitioner to the bone.

After a long search for quality clothing for active recreation and sports of Russian and foreign famous brands, the founder realized: "Everyone can do cheap and expensive, but not everyone can do quality.

After another unsuccessful test convinced "Quality is more important than price. Now this is the slogan of our company and our integral motto.

We took care of your health and comfort in extreme conditions of maximum risk and constant dynamics. Exactly for you, we use the highest quality materials and sew exclusive things out of them.

HISPO clothes are a guarantee of quality and resistance to the most unpredictable environmental conditions. It's love at first touch, first walk, first hike, first ski trip.


ICEINDIGO® makes thermal clothing, equipment and gear to protect against the cold and exposure to extreme, arctic environmental conditions.

We help people work and rest comfortably in extreme conditions - at very low temperatures, high in the mountains, underwater, in the Arctic, Antarctica and outer space.

For this purpose, we develop and produce cold and waterproof clothing and equipment.

Development and production are performed using innovative materials, the latest Russian technologies and unique patented solutions.

ICEINDIGO® outfit is made of patented INDIGO® material.

INDIGO® material was designed and developed by the Russian Research and Production Center "Extreme" as a result of research of human physiology and biochemistry. The material has no direct analogues in the world.

High-tech composite material INDIGO® represents a multi-cell active dynamic breathing membrane made of prepared polyester thermally bonded fibres.

INDIGO® material can be used to produce custom-made outfit according to the tasks and climatic requirements of the customer.

Products, based on ICEINDIGO® technology, have passed practical factory tests in cryo-chamber (ICEINDIGO CRYO SPACE at -60 and -110 degrees C), as well as numerous field trials in real severe climatic conditions of extremely low temperatures of the Extreme North, Arctic region, Antarctic, high mountains.

The outfit, ICEINDIGO®, is used by specialists in the coldest places on the planet, from the Arctic to Antarctica.


LAPLANGER makes high-tech outerwear for very low temperatures for the city, outdoor activities and travel. LAPLANGER was founded in 1991 and is located in St. Petersburg. The company has its own production.

The range of LAPLANGER brand winter down jackets, coats and overalls for harsh weather conditions. High-quality materials and stylish urban design make our models stand out in the market.

LAPLANGER uses a quality goose down insulation - the composition of the insulation: 85% down, 15% feather. Our down jackets are made of down-containing materials with the so-called down packets (down packets), this technology increases the service life of products, excludes the seepage of down when you wear them.

Used fabrics Nordic - nylon fabric with the effect "memory" and dirt-repellent impregnation. Top Arctic is an abrasion-resistant nylon fabric with a 10,000/8,000 membrane and dirt-repellent impregnation. This fabric is specially designed for northern conditions. Remains soft and does not rustle in the cold.


NORMAL works in the field of outdoor products so that you don't have to think about the quality of your outfit, but rather make your most cherished travel dreams come true with it.

Thirty years of experience in the production of tourist tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, camping furniture and other travel goods and own travel hardening allows the company's employees to provide the tourist with everything necessary for a comfortable life on the trail.

NORMAL tents use modern materials for frames, awnings and inner tent. For extreme and trekking tents the high-strength aluminum frame SP-AERO is used. The SP-AERO is a tailor-made frame made of a single-piece thin-walled tube of aircraft grade aluminum 7075T6 for each tent.

The tent material is made of polyester Polyester or polyamide Nylon with a special PU polyurethane coating or Si silicone impregnation. The tents floor fabric has a waterproof resistance of 10000 mm and is highly resistant to puncture and abrasion.


POLAR WIND is a brand of special clothing for work in the Arctic high latitudes, uniting into one team extraordinary people who are obsessed with the desire to reach new heights and make the world more accessible.

POLAR WIND team - it is the best Russian manufacturers of clothing, equipment and innovative materials, advanced designers and technologists who share the philosophy of the brand - the world in all its forms is accessible to man.

The POLAR WIND outfit was developed by STAYER SPORTSWEAR, a specialist manufacturer of professional skiwear since 1998.

Decades of experience in the manufacturing of special clothing have gone into producing a truly unique product that protects against all the negative influences of the weather.

POLAR WIND collection is divided into 3 series:

  • Expeditionary SnowStorm line for prolonged outdoor work
  • Tactical line IceRock for short-term outdoor going out
  • Thermal underwear and thermal jackets and shorts.

Revolutionary design solutions used in POLAR WIND clothes were implemented for the first time in the world. This combines the convenience of outdoors, practicality and durability of tactical clothing and reliability of PPE. The outfit has undergone numerous rigorous laboratory tests and testing in real working conditions, to which any of the finished samples, as well as all of its components and materials, are subjected.


Functionality, constant search for new solutions, development of innovative materials and experiments together with unique design - all these are the fundamental elements of V-MOTION functional clothing brand. One of the main goals of the brand founders is to change the usual perception of sportswear, offering consumers a new generation of outfit.

The main peculiarity of the brand is its own production and experimental workshop V-LAB, which allows to create new unique combinations of materials. Complex scientific approach in developing new products implies continuous dialogue and collaborative work with professional athletes, taking into account their wishes and recommendations, varied testing of prototypes, products under different conditions under normal and extreme loads.

V-Airtex is an innovative material from which thermal underwear is made. The material has bacteriostatic properties, is hypoallergenic and absolutely harmless to even the most sensitive skin. V-airtex practically does not absorb moisture and dries quickly, and surpasses all known natural and synthetic materials in speed of drying. Functional fibers ensure proper thermoregulation by displacing moisture molecules from the athlete's body to the outer layer of the product, while maintaining a comfortable body temperature.


The purpose of the Agency:

To create a multifunctional system to provide single-window support to potential, existing entrepreneurs and investors in the region, synchronized with the development strategy of the region and ensure its effective operation.

The Agency provides more than 300 free services for start-ups and existing businesses.

Arkhangelsk region will be represented at the booth by: LLC "Nemiga", LLC "Golubino", JSC "Arkhangelsk Fleet Repair and Maintenance Base", IE Marina Andreevna Dektereva, LLC "VKR-Arctic", LLC "Arkhangelsk Seaweed Plant", LLC "Pomor".


JSC «Admiralty Shipyards» is a modern high-tech, multi-profile enterprise successfully operating both on the Russian and world market. Main activities: design, production and modernization of ships and vessels of different types and classes. In the field of shipbuilding the company builds and upgrades non-nuclear submarines and deep water vehicles, rescue and supply vessels, supplies spare parts and accessories. In the civil shipbuilding industry the enterprise specializes in building modern unique tankers with deadweight up to 70 000 tons, including reinforced ice class tankers. Also, within the framework of the civil shipbuilding industry, the company builds marine equipment for special purposes, serial production of aluminum welded-hulled boats "Master" has been established. The company has the necessary international certificates of the quality management system of its products.


«Iceberg» is the only bureau in Russia, specializing in the development of projects of icebreakers with nuclear power plants, as well as the design of auxiliary and special vessels for the Navy.

Areas of activity:

  • design of powerful icebreakers for the Arctic;
  • design of icebreaking transport ships;
  • design of multi-purpose supply icebreakers for supplying offshore oil fields;
  • design of multipurpose offshore and supply vessels for offshore oil fields;
  • design of floating bases for maintenance and general servicing of vessels having nuclear power units;
  • design of port icebreakers; design of research and hydrographic vessels.


Established in 1952, for many years the association has specialized in electrical installation and adjustment works of wide profile, service maintenance and repair of radio electronic equipment - radio communication systems, radiolocation and radio reconnaissance, television, navigation, hydroacoustics and hydrolocation. The production process has mastered technologies of medium repairs of electric motors, generators, converters, switchgears, control stations and other types of electrical equipment.

At present "Arktika" actively participates in construction of 4th generation submarines of "Yasen" and "Borey" projects, repair and modernization of cruiser "Admiral Nakhimov" at "Sevmash", aircraft carrier cruiser "Admiral Kuznetsov" and other orders at "CS "Zvezdochka".

Specialized design and engineering and technological subdivisions successfully develop and implement in production scientific and technological products released both on own initiative and under state contracts and contracts for scientific research, experimental design and technological works. Fiber-optic communication lines, unique shipboard rescue devices, ship lighting devices based on super-bright LEDs are manufactured using proprietary technologies.


The history of the enterprise dates back to 1920. It was then that it was decided to build workshops in Isakogorsky creek for repairing river boats, which traditionally stay here for the winter season. A wooden forge, a building for repairs and a warehouse were the starting points for the company.

Today it is a modern diversified company, which builds and repairs ships, performs other works and services for domestic and foreign customers.

Every year the company's slipway carries out repairs and examination of both self-propelled and non-self-propelled fleet.


Today the Arkhangelsk Seaweed Factory is a dynamically developing company, one of the world leaders in extraction and complex processing of wild seaweeds.

We are successfully developing Russian and international markets, constantly expanding the range of products, implementing scientific research and developing new areas of brown seaweed application.

Continuous modernization of production, mastering and introduction of new technologies of deep processing of seaweed have allowed us to produce world-class pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food products.


The Association of Polar Explorers was established at the All-Union Congress of Polar Explorers in 1990.

Today ASPOL consists of: 779 members, 10 directions of activity, 19 regional branches.

ASPOL activity:

  • Defends interests of polar explorers and indigenous peoples of the Far North.
  • Supports implementation of the state policy of the Russian Federation in the Arctic and Antarctic.
  • Participates in the development and implementation of legislative initiatives to support and develop the polar territory.
  • Studying the Arctic and Antarctic territories and organizing drifting ice stations for research work


Since its foundation in 1856 Baltiysky Zavod has been one of the leading shipbuilding enterprises in Russia. Since 2011 the plant is a 100% subsidiary of the state United Shipbuilding Corporation. The plant has production facilities and modern equipment for building full-cycle ships and vessels, as well as two slipways and a covered slipway. During the 160-year history of the shipyard, over 600 technically complicated and unique for its time warships, submarines and civil vessels were built.

Today nuclear-powered civil shipbuilding has become one of the most important activities. Baltiysky Zavod possesses unique competencies and all necessary licenses for building nuclear-powered surface ships. It is here that all operating Russian nuclear-powered icebreakers equipped with KLT-40 vessel reactors and its modifications, as well as nuclear-powered cruisers were built.


The brand has been known on the market since 1992. Initially the company specialized in down-filled jackets, but since 1993 the list of products offered by BASK is constantly growing, and today the BASK range includes more than 400 models of actual clothing for expeditions, outdoor activities, travel and city, as well as reliable equipment and accessories.

BASK is a recognized global expert in creating clothing and equipment for ultra-low temperatures. In 2018-2020, the company implemented the R&D "Development of new technology and creation of production of high-tech ultra-warm clothing (below -40 C) for arctic conditions." In 2020, started a new R&D on the development of tents for base camps and work in extreme Arctic conditions.

The manufacturer constantly cooperates with Russian and foreign suppliers of materials. Long-term cooperation guarantees timely product delivery and enables long-term production planning in advance. The company has an extensive distribution network and cooperates with more than 200 dealer partners in fifty Russian regions as well as abroad.


"Whole World" Factory of Nonwovens is a developer and manufacturer of high-tech nonwovens supplied to the leading industrial enterprises of Russia.

FNM " Whole World" is an expert in production of nonwoven materials, having in its arsenal six production lines on three production sites in Podolsk of Moscow region, a warehouse resource, own laboratory and logistics. FNM " Whole World " constantly develops its production capacities, improves its range of products, develops new technological solutions and researches in cooperation with leading Russian and foreign universities and scientific laboratories.

The main strategic task of the company is to develop partnership relations with clients based on openness, trust and strict fulfillment of obligations.


Company LLC "VKR-Arctic" carries out diagnostics of hydraulic equipment failures, maintenance and repair of timber trucks, garbage trucks, wreckers and other special equipment, hydrofication of chassis. Also our company has formed special field repair brigades.


All-Russian Research Geological Institute named after A. P. Karpinsky (VSEGEI) is a state research institute. It is subordinate to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation and the Federal Agency for Subsoil Use of Russia.

VSEGEI actively participates in the international cooperation of Rosnedra with geological surveys of foreign countries, coordinates several international projects ("Atlas of geological maps of Central Asia and adjacent territories at a scale of 1:2 500 000", "Atlas of geological maps of the circumpolar Arctic at a scale of 1:5 000 000", etc.).

VSEGEI together with the Geological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences and VNIIOkeangeologia Institute represent Russia in the Commission for the Geological Map of the World at UNESCO; it takes part in the work of the National Committee of Geologists of Russia and the UNESCO International Geoscience and Geoparks Program. VSEGEI is a permanent member of the Intergovernmental Council of CIS countries on Exploration, Use and Protection of Subsoil.


Vyborg Shipyard PJSC is one of the largest shipbuilding enterprises located in the Northwest region of Russia. The shipyard was founded in 1948. For 70 years workforce of the shipyard has built more than 220 various purpose vessels, 9 offshore drilling platforms and 105 modules of platform topsides for oil and gas fields development.

Shipyard's core business is construction of different types of civil ships: ice class ships, supply vessels, icebreakers, fishing trawlers and drilling platforms for offshore fields development.

The company specialists have certificates of the world leading classification societies: Lloyd's Register of Shipping, Germanischer Lloyd, Bureau Veritas, RINA, Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.


In 2018, Polytech established a research laboratory "Computational Models for the Arctic," which developed a software product that allows us to recognize the results of aerial photography of ice conditions using an unmanned aerial vehicle and segment photos of the water surface with sparse broken ice. This makes it possible to automate the optimization of the ship's route through the broken ice and increase the efficiency of transport communication in drifting ice conditions.


Cultural Landscape Park "Golubino" provides a variety of cultural, educational and active recreation. The tourist complex is located in the Arkhangelsk region right on the river bank. High level of service and remoteness from settlements guarantees the most complete and comfortable rest. On the territory there is a hotel "Forest Hotel" Golubino "with rooms of different capacity and comfort level, separately standing hotel buildings with rooms category" Economy "and 4 cottages, as well as a restaurant.


GUMRF named after Admiral S.O. Makarova is a higher technical educational institution whose educational activities are aimed at training highly qualified personnel for the transport infrastructure of Russia. The process of education at the University is conducted in accordance with the State Educational Standards, and in maritime areas of education, the requirements of the International Convention on the Training and Certification of Seafarers and Watchkeeping are taken into account.

GUMRF named after Admiral S.O. Makarova" implements the main educational programs of higher education in 5 specialties, 17 areas of bachelor's degree and 6 areas of master's degree. According to the programs of secondary vocational education, the university provides training in 10 specialties. Training of highly qualified scientific personnel is carried out through postgraduate studies in 12 areas of training and 17 scientific specialties.

The university has a highly qualified teaching staff. The proportion of teachers with a scientific degree is more than 70%, including doctors of sciences - 15%, candidates of sciences - 55%.


Granit-Elektron Concern JSC is a major research and production enterprise in Russia specializing in development of radio-electronic weapon systems for the Navy; it has the status of a Federal Research and Production Center and is included in the list of strategic and backbone enterprises of Russia.

For many years the company has been creating fundamentally new types of military equipment and armaments. The Navy has received dozens of unique complexes which equip ships of almost all classes, including the heavy cruiser Peter the Great, the aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov, anti-submarine ships Admiral Chabanenko, nuclear submarines Akula, Antey, Borey, Yasen as well as shore-based facilities. All diesel submarines in service in Russia are equipped with automated radar stations created at the company.

At present, in accordance with the goals of the current stage of innovative development of the Russian Federation and, in particular, the Russian shipbuilding industry, the Concern is ensuring: creation of an advanced scientific reserve and technologies for development of advanced radioelectronic weapons and advanced marine equipment for civil and military purposes; technological development of the Concern based on creation and implementation of breakthrough, resource-saving, environmentally safe industrial technologies for production of competitive and efficient.


DiEngy LLC supplies and sells more than a hundred thousand meters of fabrics to Russian enterprises and is growing every day.

Our main products are Comforex membrane fabrics (manufactured by Hanil) and fabrics for today's fashionable Outdoor trend (Quick Dry knitwear, fleece fabrics, air-Pex fabrics - High Loft) and Soft shell, Soft Shell Spandex, Power block Spandex (for sports trousers and windbreakers) produced by Colon Industries. We are the exclusive distributors of Comforex membrane fabrics in Russia.


DL Group LLC is professionally engaged in the production of metal products.

Production of metal products in LLC "DL Group" is represented by a variety of products: stairs, railings and fences for stairs, wickets, fences and gates, canopies, car awnings, balustrades for balconies and terraces, doors, grates, shelves, boxes, braziers, forged elements for interior, facade and landscape design.

The quality of products made of stainless steel depends to a large extent on the material itself. In order for steel to be stainless, it must contain at least 10.5% chromium. At the same time, the percentage of carbon in the metal composition should not exceed 1.2%. For corrosion resistance, molybdenum, nickel, titanium, and phosphorus are also added to stainless steel.


DRAGONFLY is a Russian company specializing in the production of high-tech clothing for active and extreme leisure.

Our mission is to create functional, beautiful and high-quality items that help you get the most out of outdoor activities and ensure the necessary level of safety, whether it is a motorcycle ride or skiing.

In 10 years Dragonfly has taken a leading position in Russia in the production of snowmobiling and ski equipment. The most popular are mountain snowmobile suits and children's ski collection - the best offerings to date in the ratio of high quality and affordability.


It was founded in September 1990.

Today the factory produces power take-off boxes, transfer boxes, gearboxes, travel reducers and other reducers for vehicles and special equipment, and also manufactures prototype units for installation on chassis of other vehicles, including caterpillar-tracked ones.

The factory has a unique pool of technological equipment for the production of all types of geared units. Production and auxiliary buildings of the plant with total area of 22 000 m2 are located in Naberezhnye Chelny (Tatarstan) and Bogorodsk (Nizhny Novgorod region).

The plant renders services on installation of power takeoff boxes, intermediate bearings, reducers on car chassis.


INTILED produces professional lighting systems, specializing in design complete solutions for facades, bridges, transport infrastructure, sports facilities, high-rise buildings and large-scale facilities.

We have our own production facilities in St. Petersburg, with a fleet of high-tech equipment, as well as a warehouse complex. The INTILED machine park is completely made up of equipment not more than 3 years old and includes:

  • automated SMD surface mounting line
  • automated testing complex
  • sealing area including equipment for applying two-component compounds
  • CNC milling center
  • and much more.


PJSC "KAMAZ" - the leader of the Russian market, is one of the top 20 global manufacturers of heavy trucks. KAMAZ trucks are operated in more than 80 countries. The company is a fifteen-time winner of the All-Russian competition "Exporter of the Year" in the automotive industry. The model range covers the whole range of appropriate vehicles with GVW from 12 to 97 tons. KAMAZ chassis of more than 20 basic models are widely used in the production of special equipment for many sectors of the economy. Officially 64 manufacturers of special vehicles cooperate with the company. The KAMAZ-Master team is an eighteen-time winner of the Dakar rally-raid.


CASCADE LLC is a specialized full-cycle construction company successfully operating in the field of industrial construction throughout Russia and the CIS countries. CASCADE performs the full scope of work on the design, reconstruction, construction of cooling towers of all types, maintenance and construction of integrated water recycling systems for enterprises in the fuel and energy, metallurgical, chemical and petrochemical industries.

Highly qualified personnel, many years of practical experience, an impressive portfolio of completed projects, the presence of its own construction teams and their modern technical equipment, unique developments, proven equipment suppliers, manufacturing of process equipment for cooling towers and components - all this allows the CASCADE company to provide partners with the most effective, cost-effective solutions, provide an expert approach to the implementation of projects of any complexity and guarantee the impeccable quality of the work performed.


The Committee is a city executive body, which aims at developing collaboration St. Petersburg and Russian Arctic zone regions in scientific research, as well as socio-economic, environmental matters. The Committee also coordinates the activities city bodies in this sphere. The Exposition of Saint Petersburg demonstrates the city scientific and educational potential for development of the Arctic zone of Russia.


Linfas Food Combine LLC was founded in St. Petersburg in 1992.

The mission of our organization is to provide affordable and high quality products to all who prefer functional nutrition.

Since 2003 the company has been producing and supplying the market with healthy food products, the main part of which - tasty and healthy muesli bars, as well as imitation caviar based on seaweed. The products we create are a worthy alternative to harmful "snacks", which, unfortunately, cannot be avoided in today's dynamic world.

Our partners for many years are large retail and pharmacy chains, regional distributors, catering companies. Our products have long been known and appreciated by residents of many Russian regions from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. With some counterparties we have entered into agreements with STM.

In recent years, LLC "Linfas" actively cooperates with the federal TV channels "RUSSIA 1", "STS", "Domashniy", which resulted in joint projects that allowed to expand the range.


JSC SPMBM "Malakhit" is Russia's leading design bureau specializing in the design of marine equipment, including nuclear-powered machinery.

The main activities of the bureau are to design, build and test nuclear and diesel submarines and manned vehicles for ocean exploration.

Priorities of the JSC "SPMBM "Malakhit" in the field of quality

  • • Creation of high quality products in the sphere of naval shipbuilding and civil shipbuilding;
  • • continuous product quality improvement at all stages of its life cycle through the use of achievements in information technologies, development of an integrated management system of the Company and application of advanced scientific and technological experience of international level;
  • • increasing customer satisfaction by ensuring product compliance with the requirements of applicable laws, standards, regulations and rules;
  • • establishing and maintaining mutually beneficial business relations with customers and counterparties;
  • • preventing the appearance of products and processes that do not meet established requirements, including through the implementation of risk-oriented thinking.


Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation (Minpromtorg of Russia) - a federal executive body of Russia, which performs the functions of developing state policy and normative legal regulation in the sphere of industrial and defense-industrial complex, as well as in the development of aviation technology, technical regulation and measurement uniformity, as well as the functions of the authorized federal executive body in charge of state regulation of foreign trade activities.


St. Petersburg Marine Technical College named after Admiral D.N. Senyavin is the leading educational institution in St. Petersburg in the field of training specialists with primary and secondary vocational education for ships of the sea, river and fishing fleet of the North-West region of the Russian Federation.


Joint Stock Company "Scientific and Production Association named after. S.A. Lavochkin is a leading enterprise in the rocket and space industry, carrying out work on the design, manufacture, testing and comprehensive development of key automatic spacecraft for fundamental scientific research.


Nevskoye Design Bureau is the oldest design bureau of surface shipbuilding in the Russian Federation. Established in 1931, the design bureau is the lead designer of heavy aircraft-carrying cruisers, large landing ships and ground-based naval aviation test training complexes.

Currently, the bureau employs about four hundred highly qualified designers. Design is carried out using a corporate integrated system, which includes computer 3D modeling and design management systems, using a developed infrastructure of automated workstations.

In recent years, the bureau has carried out design studies of a promising new-generation aircraft carrier, in particular, the specialists of JSC Nevskoye Design Bureau considered three options: an aircraft carrier with a nuclear power plant with a total displacement of over 80,000 tons, an aircraft carrier with a GTPP, with a total displacement of up to 40,000 tons, and an aircraft carrier with a GTPP, full displacement up to 60,000 tons.

Currently, the design bureau, on its own initiative, is developing promising projects for universal landing ships with a displacement of up to 30,000 tons, landing helicopter-carrying dock ships with a displacement of up to 25,000 tons, large landing ships with a displacement of up to 16,000 tons, and landing ships with a displacement of up to 8,000 tons.


The principal activity of Nemiga LLC:

  • Production of armored or reinforced safes, fireproof cabinets and doors

Additional activities:

  • Manufacture of building metal structures, products and their parts
  • Manufacture of metal doors and windows
  • Forging, pressing, stamping and profiling, manufacture of goods by powder metallurgy
  • Metal processing and coating of metals


Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University named after R. E. Alekseev. R.E. Alekseev Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University is one of the leading technical universities in the Volga Federal District.

Students are trained in the most topical areas of informatics and computer technology, radio engineering, instrument engineering, chemical and biotechnological technologies, electric power, nuclear technologies, transport, economics and history.

NSTU has a significant scientific and innovative potential covering almost the entire range of industries of industrial complex of Nizhny Novgorod region and Volga Federal District. The main directions of scientific research correspond to the strategy of scientific and technological development of the Russian Federation and the list of critical technologies of the Russian Federation and are concentrated in the field of nuclear power, ground transport systems, mechanical engineering, electric power, shipbuilding, chemistry, nanotechnology, materials science, radioelectronics and radar systems, information and control systems, economic security.


Joint Stock Company "United Shipbuilding Corporation" is the largest shipbuilding company in Russia with the staff of over 100 thousand people. OSK combines more than 80% of design and production facilities of the industry. It includes more than 40 shipyards, design bureaus and ship repair plants of the country. The corporation builds modern fleet for work at sea, on the shelf and inland waterways.


Since 2013, the production site of Pozitron Group LLC Research and Production Complex Pozitron has been producing domestic industrial equipment, namely industrial computers based on domestic Elbrus processors, which allows the company to occupy a leading position in the market of import substitution.

The production includes: servers, desktop workstations, protected laptops, panel workstations, tablet computers.

Production capacities and engineering and design staff of NPK Pozitron LLC make it possible not only to produce domestic computing machines, but also to develop and implement new technologies in the Russian industrial automation market.

NPK Pozitron LLC has many years of experience in the Russian industrial market and is ready to apply its skills in new technological areas of the industry - industrial automation of domestic assembly.

SPC Pozitron Ltd. Production of microelectronic products. Products are designed for use in various segments of the electronics industry. The peculiarity of the enterprise is the production of radiation-resistant devices based on hybrid technology.


The company specializes in the production of off-road motorized towing vehicles.

Motorized towing vehicle "POMOR" - multi-purpose small-sized caterpillar vehicles designed to overcome difficult terrain, transport people and goods behind them in towed devices (skis, ski modules, sledges or sleds) over virgin snow, swamps and / or off-road.

Pomor LLC produces POMOR front-wheel drive motorized towing vehicles in a configuration with one and two tracks.


Ravenstvo Joint-Stock Company is the only manufacturer of remote gamma therapy complexes in Russia and is one of the world's five unique developers and manufacturers of this class of medical equipment.

The high scientific and technical potential accumulated by Ravenstvo JSC allows the company to timely and successfully master new areas of activity.

Today, many domestic and foreign ships and submarines are equipped with detection systems, and in ship traffic control systems (coastal VTS) successfully operate radar stations made by the company. Many clinics in the country treat oncological diseases with the help of medical equipment of the "Rokus" type.

Main types of products:

  • Coastal radars for ship traffic control system
  • Surface target detection and navigation support radars for ships and submarines
  • Medical complexes for treatment of oncological diseases


Today Karelia is in the top three subjects of the Russian Federation by the number and volume of investments in the Arctic zone - 33 residents operate here, investments from their activities have already amounted to 4 billion rubles, more than 200 new jobs have been created. The most global project not only on the regional, but also on the Russian scale is the construction of a new pulp mill by Sistema. The plant will be the first to be built in Russia in the last 40 years. The project will provide deep processing of more than 35% of timber harvested in the republic and the growth of non-resource export of products with high added value.

The project will provide employment for more than 600 people and investments will amount to 86 billion rubles.


"ROKAD" performs: construction developments, development of design documentation, manufacturing of the developed product, design support of production.

The designed technical solutions are used in the field of security, nuclear industry, space industry, shipbuilding, automotive industry, metallurgy and a number of other areas both in Russia and abroad.

One of the key activities of ROCAD is the development and design of separate devices and systems based on principles of precision mechanics. Such projects are frequently requested by our engineers, and we are well aware of our extensive experience in working with precision mechanisms, and of using the best technical solutions to achieve them.

Space research, robotics, shipbuilding and navigation, aircraft construction, defense industry, precision engineering, all kinds of scientific research requiring precise data are impossible today without the use of precision guidance, stabilization and positioning systems.


The State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom is a multidisciplinary holding company that combines assets in power engineering, machine building, and construction. Its strategy is to develop low-carbon generation, including wind power. ROSATOM is the national leader in power generation (over 20% of total generation) and has the world's largest portfolio of orders for the construction of nuclear power plants with 35 power units in 12 countries at different stages of implementation. Rosatom is the only company in the world that has competencies in the entire nuclear fuel cycle technology chain, from natural uranium mining to the final stage of the life cycle of nuclear facilities. Its scope of activities also includes the production of innovative nuclear and non-nuclear products, scientific research, development of the Northern Sea Route and environmental projects, including the creation of eco-technoparks and the state system of handling hazardous industrial waste. Since October 2020, ROSATOM is a member of the United Nations Global Compact, the largest international UN initiative for business in the field of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development.


"Rubin" is one of the world leaders in submarine design and the leading submarine design bureau in Russia. Over the 120-year period of our activity we have accumulated vast experience in the design of submarines of various classes. This experience is successfully used to design not only military, but also civilian equipment.

The organization performs the whole complex of design works - from conceptual design to elaboration of working design documentation including:

  • shipbuilding calculations (buoyancy, stability, unsinkability, weight load, runability, controllability, rocking, dynamics in special conditions) of submarines, ships and vessels, offshore structures;
  • structural strength calculations for submarine hulls, ships and vessels, offshore structures, rail bodies and other objects;
  • reliability calculations, risk analysis, survivability assessment in emergency situations;
  • power plant design, development of mathematical support of their control systems;
  • designing of electric power systems, power distribution networks, electric propulsion systems, automated control systems of technological processes, local control systems of objects, development of wiring technology and wiring documentation;
  • designing of ventilation, air conditioning, fire-fighting, compressed air, heat and cold supply systems, gas control air, drying, hydraulic and water systems;
  • design of systems of technological complex of offshore structures;
  • designing of offshore operations;
  • development of construction technologies, selection of corrosion protection means and coatings;
  • development of supply lists for components, equipment, spare parts and accessories.


Expeditionary Corps is a project of the Association for the Development and Exploration of Hard-to-reach Territories "Russian All-Terrain Society".

Expeditionary Corps offers a completely new approach to organizing travels, expeditions and corporate events. Author's tours. Trophy-raids and team games in extreme conditions! cross-country expeditions in remote and less explored areas. Each expedition includes unique research with a team of scientists and local historians.


The main activity of the company LLC "Free Movement" is: sewing production of backpacks, equipment for tourism and outdoor activities. Wholesale sales of backpacking and mountaineering equipment, camping equipment. Production to order with embroidery and customer logos.


Severny Press JSC is a modern enterprise of radio-electronic instrumentation possessing advanced technologies, modern equipment, highly skilled workers and engineers providing high quality and reliability of products.

Priority directions of enterprise activity are development, production, modernization, repair, delivery and aftersales service of general technical products, medical equipment as per state orders as well as per customers' orders.

Guided by the innovation development strategy, the company has provided a dynamic and sustainable development on the basis of preserving and strengthening of competitive positions in the market of manufacturing radioelectronic devices, navigation equipment, precision units and parts of high accuracy and reliability class. Improvement of scientific and technical potential, introduction of new innovative technologies into production allowed to create a modern high-tech center of microelectronic equipment producing competitive high-quality products used in modern medical equipment and robotics based on own developments and scientific developments of Concern Granit-Electron JSC.


The STAYER brand is a leading Russian brand of high-tech sportswear, equipment for sports teams and professional athletes, as well as clothing for outdoor activities and travel. In 2016, STAYER is the official supplier of equipment for the Russian freestyle sports team in the SKI - CROSS discipline, and is also a partner of professional sports federations, teams and instructors.

Today the company is the sales leader in the Northwest region among domestic sports brands, a member of the Association of Sports Industry, and multiple winner of competitions and exhibitions at the federal and regional levels: "100 Best Goods of Russia", "Brand of the Year", "Made in Russia", "Made in St. Petersburg", ISPO Munich 2012, Moscow Ski Salon, Textillegprom.

An important focus for STAYER is to develop modern equipment for Russian sports teams and federations. Working with professional athletes gives the company access to innovative technologies and materials and makes it possible to test new designs under extreme conditions of extreme strain.

Today STAYER is a sponsor and official outfitter for many professional, national and youth sports teams, such as Russian Freestyle Federation, St. Petersburg Freestyle Team, National Instructors League, Russian Ski School - "Stolitsa", Special Olympics St. Petersburg.


JSC "Research Center "Construction" is a scientific and technical leader of the construction complex of Russia.

For more than 90 years the main task of the Center has been to ensure efficiency, reliability and safety of construction works and the whole construction complex of the country as a whole.

Conducting complex fundamental, exploratory and applied scientific researches, experimental developments in construction branch, improving normative base, SIC "Construction" by right takes the leading position in the sphere of construction science and architecture, successfully realizes state programs and the most important national projects.

The mission of JSC "Construction": To lead in the invention, development and implementation of innovative building materials and technologies to ensure safety and comfort of living environment of people.


The main activity of the company "SATILA" LLC is the production of knitted and knitted products, hosiery, wholesale trade in clothing and footwear, haberdashery and textile products, and others.

The company develops knitted materials, laminated fabrics with membranes and has a patent for a useful model №165334 "Two-layer heat protective knitted fabric.

LLC "SATILA" cooperates with FSBI "AARI", Russian Antarctic Expedition, High-latitude Arctic Expedition, Russian Expedition on Spitsbergen, Expedition "Open Ocean: Arctic Archipelagoes" expedition, Association "Maritime Heritage", LLC Company "VICAAR", LLC "Technoavia", LLC "Vostok-Service", LLC "Meridian", companies Ice-Trek (Australia), Mundo Arctico (Spain), ALCI and TAC (South Africa), A21 (Chile).


Research and Production Company TRAKOL has been manufacturing all-terrain vehicles on ultra-low pressure tires since 1988. The company is constantly searching for developments different from those offered by other all-terrain vehicle manufacturers, continues to introduce innovative technologies, and explores new horizons. Being the first company that started serial production of off-road vehicles on tubeless ultra-low pressure tires, "TRAKOL" annually produces more than 350 units of equipment per year.


FARADEY JSC was founded in 1996 and specializes in the development and production of footwear and apparel for law enforcement agencies, large corporations, as well as for outdoor activities. Production facilities allow to produce up to 5 million pairs of footwear of different fastening methods per year on an area of more than 20 000 sq. m.

JSC "Company "FARADEY" produces shoes and clothing by unique technologies using the latest innovative materials, which by their technical characteristics can be worn in different climatic conditions.

Development of new clothing sets is performed by the company's own design bureau, testing of models is performed by the experimental shop.

Only modern equipment is used for manufacturing of high-quality products. Each year " FARADEY" company carries out planned technical re-equipment of production facilities, personnel training, which helps to cope with the increased number of tasks and provides stable high quality of the products.


Saint-Petersburg enterprise ElectroRadioAvtomatica (JSC ERA) is the main partner of shipyards in the North-West region of Russia, including Saint-Petersburg, Vyborg, Petrozavodsk.

Long-term experience in ship electrical installation works has formed a highly professional team of specialists able to perform a full cycle of electrical installation and commissioning works of any complexity at built, repaired, reconstructed ships, as well as industrial facilities.

The company performs: development of design and working design documentation for electrical part, automation and radio communication systems of ships; a full cycle of electrical installation and commissioning with warranty service on building, repairing, upgrading ships of any class and purpose, as well as on shore objects; manufacture of electrical switchgear; installation of electrical maintenance products.

The company has a number of powerful, modern, specialized production facilities and a well-developed warehouse base. The company supplies shipboard electrical equipment and cables.


US MEDICA was founded in Wilmington in the northeastern United States by company president Wilson Foster and his associate, marketing coordinator James Arlen, in 1987, who established the production of massage equipment.

The company's motto - to bring health, beauty and good mood to people. That is why the main focus of the company is to develop and produce products, the use of which helps significantly improve health and appearance, to feel the surge of vital force and protect against the negative effects of stress, high loads and tension.

The main task of the company - to create conditions for a healthy rest for their customers, saving their time and offering the most advanced massage equipment and technology, combining the long tradition and innovative design and development.