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The Ministry of Defense is developing a tracked mortar for the Arctic


The Ministry of Defense is developing a tracked mortar for the Arctic

The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation is conducting research and development of a 120-mm tracked mortar vehicle. This was reported by Mikhail Osyko, a member of the collegium of the Military-Industrial Commission of the Russian Federation, in an interview with TASS.

"R&D on the creation of a 120mm mortar tracked vehicle is underway. It combines design characteristics of a two-link tracked transporter, a DT-BTR tracked light armored snow and swamp transporter, and a repair and recovery tracked two-linked REM-GD vehicle," shared Mr Osyko.

According to him, R&D is also being carried on the creation of an advanced system of communication and control points in the Arctic version.

Mikhail Osyko has also noted that work on the creation of a line of Arctic technical rear services on the basis of the DT-30PM two-link caterpillar transporter has been already completed.

At the same time, he stressed that it is not necessary to rearm the Arctic units with combat equipment, but to supplement the staff of the Arctic units with some special equipment. "Currently, there is an active purchase of vehicles for the Arctic, such as snowmobiles with a heated cabin, vehicles of the Mustang series based on the Kamaz and the Motovoz-1 winter line based on the Ural trucks," he finalized.

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