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The USA proposed a new region to fight Russia


The USA proposed a new region to fight Russia

The American Senator King said that the Arctic may become a center of conflict with Russia

Global warming not only opens up new routes in the Arctic, but also turns the region into a potential center of conflict, including with Russia, U.S. Senator Angus King told CNN.

"If you look at the Mediterranean Sea, there have been wars there for more than a thousand years to determine the relationship between the countries around the Mediterranean Sea. The question is whether we can open up the Arctic and avoid conflict," he stressed.

The senator from Maine noted that climate change has led to a "frenzy" around the Arctic because of the interest of world powers in undiscovered energy and mineral reserves as well as maritime transportation routes.

 "According to some estimates, 75 percent of the Arctic ice has disappeared in the last quarter century. Moreover, some scientists believe that as early as the next 12 years we may have summers when the North Pole is not covered by ice. All this extra space means new transportation routes and shorter shipping times. We may see some transportation routes reduced by 15 days. This is a huge economic advantage. However, we should not forget that Russia owns more than half of the Arctic coast", - added channel journalist Boris Sanchez.

Angus King suggested that there may be a conflict between Russia and the United States in the Arctic. He pointed to the critical importance of the region for the foreign policy of America and its national security.
As President Vladimir Putin stressed, Russia sees the Arctic not as a field for geopolitical intrigues, but as an opportunity for stable cooperation.

The Russian Foreign Ministry underlined that the Arctic or pan-Arctic format of cooperation is difficult to imagine without the participation of Russia as the largest state in the region, and Moscow remains open to cooperation, including with non-Arctic states, the ministry recalled.

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