The XII International Forum

Arctic: today and the future

December 8-9, 2022, St.Petersburg

Chilingarov took part in the opening of the business programme of the "Arctic - Territory of Dialogue" stand at SPIEF


Chilingarov took part in the opening of the business programme of the "Arctic - Territory of Dialogue" stand at SPIEF

The stand of the Ministry for the Development of the Far East began its work at the International St. Petersburg Forum. The program is considered one of the main components of the event because of the economic and political importance of the northern territories. 

The opening ceremony began with a speech by Oleg Chekunkov, Minister for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic. He recalled the importance of the north in today's realities and emphasized its crucial role in the "pivot to the East" - reorienting the country toward cooperation with the Asia-Pacific region.

"The Arctic makes a huge contribution to the country's well-being. These are hydrocarbons from Yamal, fertilizers from the Kola Peninsula, metals from Norilsk, and diamonds from Yakutia. ", - said Chekunkov.

The Minister complained about the behavior of foreign states - Russia's partners in the Arctic, which are now unilaterally violating existing treaties and "trying to split the Arctic in two. 

"The territory of the Russian Federation accounts for half of the world's Arctic zone. Russia is a northern power. Our Arctic has a heroic past, a glorious present and a future that we are working on together," Chekunkov concluded his speech.

Despite the difficult geopolitical situation, Russia is nevertheless open to cooperation with other countries, but has no serious problems with scientific and economic work in the Arctic and will only increase the activity, in turn, said Chilingarov. 

To prove his words he told about the development of the Northern Sea Route and other infrastructure of the Arctic, and about several scientific research programs, in the preparation and implementation of which he is directly involved. 

At the end of his speech Chilingarov once again noted that Russia is open to international dialogue and cooperation, but is ready to work independently in the Arctic which it successfully proves. He recalled his 1979 meeting with ardent anti-communist Senator Barry Goldwater at the Bellingskauzen station, with whom he managed to establish dialogue and cooperation. 

"We are prepared to hold any meetings to further Arctic cooperation," summed up the ASPOL president. 

Also taking part in the opening of the business program of the "Arctic - Territory of Dialogue" stand were Irina Yarovaya, Deputy Chairman of the Russian State Duma, Vyacheslav Fetisov, Deputy and Chairman of the All-Russian Society for Nature Conservation, and Nikolai Korchunov, Ambassador-at-Large for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, member of the Arctic Council. 

The business programme will continue on June 18. Among the topics for discussion are the development of the Arctic regions of the Russian Federation, investment projects, the development of the Northern Sea Route, this discussion is part of the main SPIEF programme, as well as tourism, climate and scientific projects.

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