The XII International Forum

Arctic: today and the future

December 8-9, 2022, St.Petersburg

The Association of Polar Explorers can now be followed on social networks


The Association of Polar Explorers can now be followed on social networks

ASPOL has launched a VKontakte page and a Telegram channel. The platforms will be used to highlight the Association, its projects, regional offices, and the Arctic agenda. The organization also plans to use its accounts to communicate and exchange ideas with everyone who is interested in systematic improvement of the quality of life in the Arctic regions.

"For us, social networks are an additional tool for interacting with our audience. Projects of the Association grow and develop quite rapidly, there are a lot of events and we want to share all of this as quickly as possible. We are sure that it is also an excellent platform for our regional branches. Of course, all our regional branches have their own resources where they report about their activities. We will continue the ASPOL site tradition and accumulate most interesting and useful events, but now faster and in more convenient form", says Katerina Sushchenko, Head of PR department of IPO "Association of polar explorers". 

We offer to share and exchange news in social networks to prepare weekly digest of the most important events, activities and work of regional branches of the Association. 

Join the community in Vkontakte and subscribe to the channel in Telegram

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