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Exports of fish products from Russia increased by 30.8% in January-April


Exports of fish products from Russia increased by 30.8% in January-April

Exports of fish products from Russia in January-April 2022 increased by 30.8% in annual terms, reaching $ 1.9 billion, according to a report by Fishery Agency, citing the Federal State Statistics Service.

Shipments of fish and seafood increased by 19.7% to 739.4 thousand tons. As explained in Rosrybolovstvo, the increase in financial returns from exports was partly due to an increase in the supply of processed products (with high added value).

Exports of fillets of fish and other fish meat (including minced meat) increased by 72.2% to 84.4 thousand tons.
In addition, frozen fish supplies, excluding fish fillets, increased by 17% to 616.4 thousand tons, fresh fish - by 27.8% - to 2.3 thousand tons, dried fish - by 52.6% - to 2.9 thousand tons;
Exports of crustaceans, with or without shell, live and fresh, fell by 11.5% - to 17.7 thousand tons, ready or canned fish - by 16% to 7.9 thousand tons.

The Federal Fishery Agency also reported that the volume of imports of fish and seafood, according to preliminary data of Rosstat, amounted to 158.5 thousand tons (-28%) in January - April 2022. In monetary terms, imports fell by 22.6% - to $ 583.8 million. The decline in imports was due to the frozen fish, except for fish fillets, by 22% - to 74.6 thousand tons; fresh or chilled fish, except for fish fillets - by 61.5%, to 4.7 thousand tons and finished or canned fish by 5.8% - to 24.4 thousand tons.

By early June, Russian fishermen caught about 2 million tons of fish, exceeding last year's figures, production in commercial aquaculture and processing sector also demonstrates a positive trend, added Rosrybolovstvo.

Photo: RIA Novosti/Alexander Kondratyuk 

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