The XII International Forum

Arctic: today and the future

December 8-9, 2022, St.Petersburg

Construction of the Northern Latitudinal Railway will start in 2022


Construction of the Northern Latitudinal Railway will start in 2022

Active construction of the Northern Latitudinal Railway will start in 2022. According to Vladimir Putin, to redirect domestic and export flows of Russian energy resources it is necessary to use all available opportunities, "including the development of transport corridors, including the Northern Latitudinal Railway".

"The launch of this project will allow, among other things, unloading the Baikal-Amur Mainline and the Trans-Siberian Railway. It is fundamentally important taking into account the reorientation of our main export resources to the East," said the President.

Dmitry Artyukhov, Governor of Yamal, said that the region is ready for the project. Extensive work has been carried out with regard to the transfer of land plots and registration of the necessary documentation, and assistance in the preparation of the project has been rendered. Today we have received positive conclusions of state expert examination for engineering preparation of the territory for construction of the key element of the system of social infrastructure - the bridge across the Ob River and its railroad section. The conclusion for the road part is expected in the near future.

Now the Arctic is actively working on liquidation of accumulated damage. Since 2012, the Arctic Volunteers have been engaged in cleaning up rusting barrels and abandoned iron, and eliminating landfills on the coast of the Kara Sea. The year 2022 was declared the Year of Ecology in Yamal and the plans for cleaning are even more ambitious. More than 300 landfills are being liquidated in the district.

Of course, the authorities don't forget about the northern delivery. The Arctic must be supplied with all the necessary goods and services, and in full. The organization of this year's northern delivery is under the personal supervision of the governor of Yamal. Dmitry Artyukhov has set a task to provide remote areas with everything necessary.

Moreover, the president drew the attention of the heads of the Arctic territories to take special control of the rhythmic construction and renewal of social facilities. Thus, 22 new kindergartens were built in Yamal within the framework of the national project "Demography". By order of the governor, 25 new schools are to be built in Salekhard, Labytnangi, Novy Urengoy, Muravlenko and Tarko-Sale.

The construction and renovation of health care facilities will go on, including in remote communities. This year, there will be a pediatrics department in Tazovsky and hospitals are being constructed in Gyda and Samburg. In the last three years, 28 sports facilities have been commissioned; in the next three years, 37 more will appear. This year it's planned to finish the construction of the ice rink and the swimming pool at Korotchaevo school.

Yamal is in the top 10 regions for housing commissioning in the first quarter of this year and is an unprecedented leader in terms of housing resettlement from the emergency fund. This year about 3,500 families will move from emergency housing to comfortable conditions.

"In Yamal, we have analyzed the difficulties that have arisen in connection with the sanctions, and now I have once again confirmed that all the objectives will be met," said Dmitry Artyukhov, Governor of Yamal, at the end of the meeting.


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