The XII International Forum

Arctic: today and the future

December 8-9, 2022, St.Petersburg


TASS News Agency

TASS is Russia’s state information agency, founded in 1904.

TASS subscribers have access to a wide range of 70 news feeds and topic-oriented services in Russian, English, Spanish, French and Chinese.

TASS publishes about 3,000 news items and about 600-800 photographs and videos from correspondents in Russia and across the world daily, forming a complete and objective picture of events happening throughout the globe. The agency’s 58 foreign representative offices in 55 countries, regional centers and offices across Russia allow TASS to promptly receive and disseminate information.

The website is one of the largest online media outlets in Russia, its audience surpassed 267 million users in 2021. The number of unique visitors amounts to over 30 million users per month. The resource implements today’s flourishing digital media trends: special projects, infographics, photos and videos in 360° format, animation, podcasts.

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