General Information

On December 2-4, 2021 St. Petersburg will host the XI International Forum Arctic: Today and the Future. It is a key public event, which discusses the socio-economic development of the Russian North and the current Arctic agenda. Forum is organized by the Association of Polar Explorers, an Interregional Public Organization. Traditionally, the organizing committee is headed by the President of Association, the Special Representative of the President of Russia for International Cooperation in the Arctic and Antarctic, Artur Chilingarov. More than 2500 delegates from 40 Russian regions and 15 foreign countries are going to attend the Forum. The event will be held in a hybrid format: some participants will join the discussions online, which will expand the audience and will help to comply with epidemiological safety measures.

— For the 11-th time International Forum Arctic: Today and the Future will become a place of attraction for people who genuinely care about the destiny of the region. Representatives of government, business, and civil society will meet here to summarize Russia's activities in the Arctic region, set goals for 2022, and look for ways to achieve them. The Arctic agenda is large-scale. First and foremost, it is the life quality of local people, which depends on economic growth, modernization of healthcare, transport accessibility, development of science and technology, preservation of the environment and the unique cultural identity of the indigenous peoples of the North. More people live in the Russian Arctic than in any other Arctic zone on the planet: over 2.5 million people. The goal of the Forum is to find a systematic approach to each problem and develop optimal solutions for the sustainable development of the Arctic region. Besides, we must not forget that during Russia's chairmanship in the Arctic Council, the actions of our country are in the spotlight of the entire world.

Arthur Chilingarov,
President of Association
of Polar Explorers,
Special Representative of the President of Russia for International Cooperation in the Arctic and Antarctic:

The Forum will be held with the support and participation of the Federation Council and State Duma of the Russian Federation, the Russian Government, the State Commission on Arctic Development, the Russian Ministry for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic, the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Russian Ministry of Energy, the Russian Ministry of Transport, and other relevant federal and regional authorities. Key companies, developers and producers of technologies, financial and service companies, SME representatives, scientific, educational and public organizations will take part in the Forum.

The structure of the business program of the event is formed in accordance with the objectives and main directions of the State policy of the Russian Federation in the Arctic to 2035 and the Strategy for the development of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation and national security for the period up to 2035. The program of the Forum also takes into account the concept of Russia's chairmanship in the Arctic Council in 2021-2023.

The business program will last for two days and will include 9 thematic areas:

  • Social policy
  • Economics
  • Arctic infrastructure
  • Science and technologies
  • Ecology
  • International cooperation
  • Comprehensive security of the Arctic region
  • Regional development
  • Creative industries in the Arctic

The business program will also include the following accents: "Russia in the global Arctic dialogue", "Transfer of knowledge and technologies", "The Arctic for the people", "Decarbonization and Arctic ecosystem conservation".

The Forum's venue will host a large-scale exhibition that will demonstrate projects implemented by Arctic enterprises, innovative solutions and services for northern projects, as well as regional investment potential that can serve the Arctic's economic growth.

Two plenary sessions, 40 strategic, panel and working sessions, as well as several roundtables are planned during the two days of the Forum, where participants will discuss the most important issues of the Arctic region's development:

  • current changes in the Arctic legislation;
  • attracting investment; the creation of Territories of Advanced Socio-Economic Development; residence policy;
  • international cooperation;
  • improving the life quality in the Arctic zones: the development of social sphere, medical care, youth and human resource policies;
  • preserving the heritage of indigenous peoples;
  • exploration, extraction and processing of minerals;
  • development of infrastructure and industry;
  • increasing transport accessibility and competitiveness of the Northern Sea Route;
  • environmental protection, climate change and permafrost melting;
  • creation of telecommunications infrastructure and digitalization of the Russian Arctic;
  • shipbuilding, unmanned technologies and robotics for the Arctic;
  • development of science and education;
  • ensuring comprehensive security;
  • prospects of ESG-transformation and green financing;
  • development of tourism and fisheries;
  • opportunities for non-Arctic regions in the development of the Arctic;
  • as well as many other issues.

International Forum Arctic: Today and the Future has rightfully earned the status of a platform for effective dialogue between the authorities, business, and the public. Representatives of the expert and scientific communities, politicians and businessmen, as well as civil society institutions are working together to determine how to develop the macro-region more effectively, and how to improve the life quality of more than 2.5 million residents of the Russian Arctic. Traditionally, a public Resolution will be drawn up based on the initiatives of the event participants. It will be sent to the Government of the Russian Federation and the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.

The Forum's General Partner is MMC Norilsk Nickel. General information partners are RIA Novosti and TASS Russian news agency.