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December 10-12, 2020, SAINT PETERSBURG

Valentina Pivnenko: Small and medium businesses in the Arctic are left without support


Valentina Pivnenko: Small and medium businesses in the Arctic are left without support

In addition to residents and large investors in the Arctic, there are individual entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses, which, unfortunately, are being forgotten. As a result, their number is reduced, and small businesses are closed. This was stated by Valentina Pivnenko, First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Regional Policy and Problems of the North and the Far East, during a speech at the session "Formation and development of a new support system for entrepreneurship and investment projects in the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation". 

"We aim to attract investors to the Arctic and provide employment for the population. But it is still too early to evaluate the success. In addition to the residents who come to the Arctic zone, there are individual entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses. They are not affected by the law on residents at all. I can say that, unfortunately, the tasks set by the strategic document, which today is a guideline for the development of the Arctic, are not fulfilled" - said Valentina Pivnenko.

According to her, due to the low, insufficient and uncompetitive situation, business in the Arctic is increasingly closing. "Their amount is reducing because we cannot ensure their competitiveness. It turns out as a paradoxical situation. On the one hand, we are talking about attracted investments, large capital, but on the other hand, we see the continuing and unstoppable outflow of Arctic residents", she said.

"We need to define the social guarantees, provide housing subsidies, calculate social norms that would ensure comfortable conditions for living and working in the Arctic. People demand services in healthcare, culture and education. And thatts exactly the services provided by the Small and Medium Businesses", concluded Valentina Pivnenko.

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