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Russian satellites will be able to predict the northern lights


Russian satellites will be able to predict the northern lights

Russia's constellation of satellites will be able to predict the appearance of the northern lights and the latitudes at which they may appear, reported Alexei Kovalyov, Head of the Russian Space Systems (hereinafter - RSS) department, in an interview to RIA Novosti.

According to him, the onboard equipment has been already created in the RSS. based on which it is possible to predict their occurrence and minimize their negative consequences. In the future, according to him, it will be possible to create a system of emergency warnings about all abnormal phenomena that occur in space.

One of the most modern complexes of such equipment is the GGAK-VE heliogeophysical complex, which is installed on the very first Arktika-M satellite, launched into space on February 28, 2021.

"The magnetic field protects the Earth from cosmic radiation, and its changes affect navigation equipment, communications, avionics, the work of the electric power industry, the operation of pipelines, aeromagnetic surveys, drilling of wells, radiation safety during air travel, and also lead to serious biomedical consequences for humans," - explained Alexei Kovalev.

He recalled a powerful explosion on the Sun in 1989, which caused the northern lights that could be seen in Texas and Cuba. However, a magnetic storm caused a major power failure in Canada, when 6 million people in Quebec were left without electricity.

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