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The polar committee was set up in Krasnoyarsk Territory


The polar committee was set up in Krasnoyarsk Territory

It was announced in the framework of the twelfth Krasnoyarsk Economic Fo-rum, held 26–28 February, 2015. The event was attended by representatives of the authorities of several Arctic regions. The polar committee, set up by a decree of Krasnoyarsk Territory Governor Vladimir Tolokonskii, is headed by Yuri Zakharinskii, Deputy Chairman of the Territory's Government.

According to him, the principle focus of the activities for the established expert advisory body will be promoting interregional cooperation in the field of exploration and development of Krasnoyarsk Territory that is a part of the Russian Arctic Zone; finding complex solutions to geopolitical, social, economic and environmental problems arising in Krasnoyarsk Territory; and ensuring participation of the Territory in the implementation of development of the national policy in the Arctic. “Krasnoyarsk Territory has many commercial and non-profit organizations, which are actively involved in the process of the social and economic development of the Russian Arctic. For interregional interaction to be effective it is important to coordinate their efforts on the regional level. This is the main task of the Polar committee”, underlined Deputy Chairman of the Government Yuri Zakharinskii.

The feasibility of establishment of the committee affiliated with the Government of Krasnoyarsk Territory was discussed in December 2014, during the Fifth International Forum “The Arctic: Today And The Future”, which took place in St. Petersburg. Speaking at the plenary session dedicated to regional development issues of the Arctic territories of the Russian Federation, Krasnoyarsk Territory Governor Vladimir Tolokonskii emphasized the important role of Krasnoyarsk Territory in the sustainable development of the Arctic territories.

The first session of the Polar Committee was held within the framework of the Twelfth Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum. It consisted of representatives of the state regional authorities, deputies of the Legislative Assembly of the Territory, heads of municipal entities of the Arctic zone, and representatives of academic circles, commercial organizations, and industrial enterprises. A.L. Loginov, Vice-President of Sberbank of Russia and President of East-Siberian Bank, joined the Polar Committee of Krasnoyarsk Territory. Aleksey Livovich also heads the civic commission of the “As-sociation of Polar Explorers” in the di-rection of “social projects”.

Krasnoyarsk Polar Committee will begin to elaborate recommendations on improving the efficiency of economic potential, development of the transport infrastructure, and environmental secu-rity in the field of exploration of the Arctic. In addition, the Committee will assist in compliance with human rights and legitimate interests of citizens living in the Arctic zone.

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