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Arctic: today and the future

December 2-4, 2021, St.Petersburg



Over 1 billion rubles to be allocated for the construction of the North Pole platform


Over 1 billion rubles to be allocated for the construction of the North Pole platform

The Russian government will allocate more than 1 billion rubles to complete the North Pole Arctic platform. Its sea trials will begin in 2022, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said on Monday at an operational meeting of Vice Prime Ministers. 

"I ask Roshydromet (Russian Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring) to take control of this work. It is important that the factory sea trials of the new arctic platform will begin next year," he said.  

Mr Mishustin has specified that the platform can stay both on the ice and in the water and move independently. "This is a completely new approach to long-term scientific research at the North Pole. Earlier far all the polar stations have been based directly on the ice, but its thickness has decreased significantly over the past two decades. Thus expeditions lasting more than a year cannot be conducted anymore. In addition, the new plaftorm has a bigger capacity than the traditional drifting stations," he added, drawing attention to the fact that the North Pole will give additional opportunities for placement of equipment necessary for scientific research.

The results of this scientific work are important for weather forecasting and understanding of global climate change processes, for the preparation and implementation of plans for the development of the Arctic, ensuring the operation of the Northern Sea Route.

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