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New project 955 submarine to be sent to Arctic


New project 955 submarine to be sent to Arctic

The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation will strengthen the Northern Fleet with the latest strategic Project 955 Borei submarine. The department is reviewing plans for the allocation of the ships, which will enter service in the near future. 

Previously, it had been assumed that the majority of the Borei and Borei-A missile carriers would serve in the Pacific Fleet, but in 2020 another newly built Pacific submarine remained in the Northern Fleet.

According to interlocutors of Izvestia newspaper, the decision to rotate Borei-class submarines was made after Umka-2021 exercise held in March. One of the three submarines that participated in the maneuvers was the Project K-549 Prince Vladimir. This is the first submarine built according to the updated Borey-A project. It is currently serving in the Northern Fleet.

“Most likely, one of the two submarines that are almost finished, will act as a replacement: either Prince Oleg or Generalissimus Suvorov. One is to be commissioned this year, the other one – in 2022. One of these missile carriers will be shipped to the Northern Fleet instead of the Pacific one,” – the military historian Dmitriy Boltenkov told Izvestia.

According to him, the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation has decided that it is more important to strengthen the North, not the Far East.

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