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New educational programs to appear in Arctic universities


New educational programs to appear in Arctic universities

The ongoing reboot of leading Murmansk universities will stimulate the staff training, reported Andrey Chibis, Governor of Murmansk region.

Today, on August 25, a meeting of State Council Presudium will gather officials who will discuss of measures and proposals to improve the quality of education in Russian regions, training and professional development of teachers, development of a unified digital learning environment and child safety in educational institutions, implementation of school renovation programs and equipment supply.

“Constantly we are rebooting the programmes of higher education. Murmansk State Technical University (MSTU) and Murmansk Arctic State University (MASU) will train student for jobs necessary for the development of the Russian Arctic,” announced Andrey Chibis.

This year MASU is starting 2 bachelor's degree programmes: ‘Automation of technological processes at industrial enterprises’ and ‘Non-ferrous extractive metallurgy’. The training of specialists in these new areas is organized at the request of Nornickel; the company allocated 48.7 million rubles for these purposes.

MSTU, in its turn, will launch ‘Logistics and Supply Chain Management in the Arctic’, organized with the participation of Gazprom Neft.

According to the experts, logistics is of key importance for the successful development of Russia's Arctic zone. Development of such educational programmes is a very timely step, believes Alexey Fadeev, Chief researcher of the Luzin Institute of Economic Problems, RAS Kola Scientific Center.

"In addition to Gazprom Neft, projects run by Novatek, exploration projects by other energy companies, onshore projects, and the development of the Murmansk transport hub are now underway in the Arctic. All of this creates the need to train highly qualified personnel for the Arctic, primarily focused on logistics," said Mr Fadeev.

He is also sure that the Arctic is in need of specialists capable not just to deliver cargo, but to create a comprehensive integrated system of project support, which involves vehicles that work effectively in the Arctic zone. “I’m speaking about the supply vessels, helicopters, shore supply bases, as well about the economic assessment of choosing certain logistics solution. The specialist should have knowledge in several interelated areas at once,”thinks Alexey Fadeev.

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