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December 2-4, 2021, St.Petersburg



Capital construction will be allowed in the Arctic


Capital construction will be allowed in the Arctic

Exceptions on the capital construction in the Arctic regions are being introduced in Russia. Earlier such activity was prohibited by the requirement to carry out ecological expertise of project documentation of the capital construction objects. The corresponding law enters into force today.

We should remind that last year a law on state support of business in the Arctic was adopted. But it contained the requirement of ecological expertise, which in fact stopped the capital construction. However, due to the amendments, the environmental expertise is henceforth canceled for the construction or repair of social and transport infrastructure. Their list will be determined by the Government of the Russian Federation.
As the senator from the Murmansk region Konstantin Dolgov said, the list will include schools, kindergartens, hospitals, nursing homes, museums, libraries, stadiums, ski resorts and highways. Drilling wells for the exploration and production of oil and gas, for which the expertise was not required before, will also fall under the simplification.
Simplification won't concern objects having I or II category of hazard or located within the limits of Specially Protected Natural Areas, reads Parlamentskaya Gazeta newspaper.

Alexey Veller, Member of the State Duma Committee on Economic Policy, Industry, Innovative Development and Entrepreneurship, said that the law on rotational villages is urgently needed, since about 400 thousand people work in the North on a rotational basis, but the life of such villages is not regulated by any legislation, so the living conditions there are very poor.
The deputy believes that major legislative work on the development of the Arctic will be a result of the congress of the Union of the Polar Regions and Far North.

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