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Arctic Red Data Book will be finished by September


Arctic Red Data Book will be finished by September

The Ecological Chamber of Russia plans to complete its work on the Red Data Book of the Arctic by early autumn. This was announced by Vadim Petrov, Deputy Director of the All-Russian Research Institute of Ecology, Co-Chairman - State Secretary of the Ecological Chamber of Russia.

"The work on the creation of the Red Book of the Arctic is coming to an end. The scientific work is almost complete. We have a meeting in September with the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature), so we plan to come up with this initiative, "- he said at the discussion club on the content of red-listed animals in the Russian circuses, in the project office of the Arctic development.

According to Mr Petrov, the problem of the allocation of red-listed animals in the Arctic has not been given much attention recently; therefore such work was decided to be done. "Specialists from the Institute of Research Institute of Ecology, as well as a number of research organizations are involved in its creation. The work is carried out by the Ecological Chamber," added Petrov.
The Red Book of Russia includes such animals of the Arctic as polar bear (they number from 22 to 31 thousand animals in the world), the Atlantic walrus, narwhal, golden eagle and many others, follows from the information from the Reserves of Taimyr website.

According to the information of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, 13 species of animals whose population preservation is planned within the framework of the Ecology national project may disappear if no measures are taken. They are Amur tiger, the Persian and Far Eastern leopards, the snow leopard, the bison, the saiga, the Przewalski's horse, the Altai mountain sheep (argali), the dzeren, the polar bear, the Siberian crane and the populations of bowhead and gray whales in the Okhotsk Sea.

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