The X International Forum

Arctic: today and the future

December 10-12, 2020, SAINT PETERSBURG

Alexander Krutikov: the Forum has become the reporting platform for the entire annual agenda


Alexander Krutikov: the Forum  has become the reporting platform for the entire annual agenda

During the last decade the International Forum Arctic: Today and the Future has become the key platform for summing up the whole year's agenda. And this is its value as part of the mechanism for the development of the Arctic zone of Russia. This was stated by First Deputy Minister for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic Alexander Krutikov during his speech at the plenary session of the event.  "Priorities of State Policy in the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation".
He was supported by Artur Chilingarov, President of the Association of Polar Explorers: "Without a doubt, we can say that over the past ten years the Forum has become the largest non-governmental platform for discussing the problems of the Russian North. The Forum's agenda is traditionally very broad and covers all the most important aspects of the Arctic development. We have two plenary sessions and more than twenty panel and working sessions, round tables".

"Last year, during discussions at the Forum, we worked out the priorities of the Arctic agenda, and this year, these priorities have been included in the Strategy for the Development of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation until 2035, signed by President Vladimir Putin. I want to thank all of the experts, because there were over 700 people, who took part in the discussions last year and sent their proposals", began his speech Alexander Krutikov.

He noted that during the current year the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation had expanded and now amounts to 5 million square kilometers. "Today it is one of the largest free trade zones, where any business can get large tax benefits, administrative and infrastructural support from the state. And this allows us to talk about the implementation of comprehensive development of the region", he said. 

"A noticeable support for the development will be the initiative, under which 50% of the tax revenues of businesses working in the Arctic will be redirected to modernize the region's infrastructure. So, if we take only 33 investors, who became residents of the Arctic Zone this year, ₽32 billion a year will be received for the needs of the region", he added.

According to Alexander Krutikov, the problematic issue is still the training of staff for the Arctic. "It is necessary to completely reform the system of education and training of specialists for the Arctic zone. Graduates cover only one third of the required vacancies", said Deputy Minister.

At the end of his speech Alexander Krutikov said that Russia is approaching the chairmanship of the Arctic Council with a preparedness, and can already offer a comprehensive agenda for the development of the Arctic region.

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