The X International Forum

Arctic: today and the future

December 10-12, 2020, SAINT PETERSBURG



An international media group whose mission is to provide prompt and balanced coverage of the world's events, informing the audience about different views on key events. It consists of several informational resources: RIA Novosti, RIA Novosti Sport, RIA Novosti Real Estate, Prime, RIA Rating, InosMI, Social Navigator, TOK, KOT, Baltnews,, The media group is also represented abroad: by an international news agency and Sputnik radio. The broadcasting is presented in Russian, English, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic and Farsi. – portal is a special project of Rossiya Segodnya, launched in 2015 with the financial support of the Russian Geographical Society. Today the portal is the only federal-level information project dedicated to the Russian presence in the Arctic, as well as to the natural resources and infrastructure of the Northern Sea Route, the economy and international cooperation in the Arctic, ecology, conservation of indigenous culture, tourism and recreation in the Arctic region.



TASS is the state news agency of Russia. It was founded in 1904.

Every day, almost 2 thousand employees in real time create an objective and integral picture of the day, TASS publishes about 1.5 thousand messages and more than 500 own pictures from correspondents in Russia and abroad.

TASS Photo Bank is the largest collection of reportage photographs among CIS information services, with more than 28 million images.

Agency press centers are open in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk. Every year at its own sites, as well as in the framework of the largest forums in Russia and abroad, TASS holds over 1000 events in various formats.

TASS maintains partnerships with more than 60 news agencies around the world.