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Yamal hosts emergency exercise to contain oil spill


Yamal hosts emergency exercise to contain oil spill

The Arctic Gate oil terminal and the nearby Gulf of Ob have hosted an emergency exercise to contain an oil spill, reports the press service of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area's Governor.

"The exercise is to evaluate the preparedness levels of various forces and resources during disaster relief operations and to improve the practical skills of emergency rescue units," the press service statement noted.

Under the scenario, 4,700 cubic meters of oil spilled out of a tanker being loaded at the oil terminal. The oil caught fire, threatening to pollute the shore.

The Federal Marine and River Transport Agency's sea rescue service contained and removed the oil, with firefighters and search-and-rescue units from Gazpromneft Yamal Ltd. mitigating the coastal pollution. The exercise involved over 50 people.

The Arctic Gate oil terminal features automated multiple redundancy systems to minimize the chances for an oil spill and environmental pollution. In case of emergency, all oil hoses are disconnected from a tanker, and the pumps are turned off and closed. The Krylov Research and Development Institute and the Hamburg Research Center have tested the oil terminal to see that it can withstand hydraulic shocks. The cone at the terminal's foundation acts as an icebreaker, and the watertight terminal can store oil inside its hull until the pumps are shut down.

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