The most powerful icebreaker in the world was tested in Russia


The most powerful icebreaker in the world was tested in Russia

A new generation Russian nuclear-powered icebreaker «Arctic» was tested in St. Petersburg.

Now it is the most powerful icebreaker in the world. It was built at the Baltic Shipyard. It is expected that the icebreaker will go into operation next year.

Such vessels should ensure Russia's leadership in the Arctic and become the key to the development of Arctic shelves.

«Arctic» nuclear-powered icebreaker went to the first sea trials. It is pulled by five tugs at once, because this icebreaker is the largest in the world. Its length reaches 1.5 football fields, and the height is estimated from a fifteen-storied building. «Arctic» can break ice three meters thick and navigate ships with a displacement three times more than its own. This is a unique project where the most modern Russian developments are implemented.

On the Arctic bridge everything is fully automated. The ships of this project can change draft to work not only in the open sea, but also in the mouths of the northern rivers.

While the icebreaker was being built, a new bridge was erected over the sea channel that goes from the Neva to the Gulf of Finland. There is a risk that the huge "Arctic" does not fit under it. The bridge span over the sea channel is 52 meters, and the icebreaker from the waterline to the top point is just over 50 meters. The gap is extremely small - no more than two meters.

From the central control station, the operation of two nuclear reactors with a capacity of 175 megawatts is controlled. The latest installation is more powerful, more modern and safer than all previous ones, as well as more compact. Therefore, the icebreaker has more free space. Each crew member has his own separate cabin.

All Soviet nuclear-powered icebreakers were built at the Baltic Shipyard, except for the first-born, the legendary «Lenin». Now they are creating a whole series of five ships - a powerful grouping that will replace our entire nuclear fleet, which has no equal in the world.

«Except for Russia, no one has experience not only in operating such icebreakers, but also in designing. And here there are a lot of nuances that you need to know: these are very heavy ice, low temperatures, the highest levels of automation and habitability», - the construction manager of the icebreakers project Alexey Smirnov said.

Over the next 10 years, Russia is going to build more than ten modern icebreakers - diesel-electric, dual-fuel and nuclear ones. The flagships should be the ships of the Leader project, which in their dimensions are even larger and more powerful than the «Arctic». Giants capable of breaking four-meter ice will be built in the Far East. Together, they will ensure uninterrupted year-round navigation along the Northern Sea Route.

«Nuclear-powered icebreakers are the main stabilizing factor in the development of the economy in the Arctic region, therefore, of course, acceleration of construction is necessary», - Mustafa Kashka, Director General of Atomflot said.

It is expected that the new icebreakers will provide a breakthrough in the country's economy. The Northern Sea Route is extremely important for global international business. Russian President Vladimir Putin previously explained why.

It is Russia that develops the Northern Sea Route, offers other countries to use it to work together. However, in some states this causes poorly concealed envy. They have their own, separate plans for a «plum».

Such a marked increase in interest in the Arctic is associated with global warming, as it has become easier to extract resources there. This region is economically attractive. However, global warming has caused a "global cooling" in the relations of countries. While one can only envy, Russia demonstrates the seriousness and weight of its intentions by all means.

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