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The expert told about the use of new snow-masking material in the Arctic


The expert told about the use of new snow-masking material in the Arctic

The use of new radio-absorbing material, created in Russia, masking the equipment under the snow cover, is relevant in the Arctic, told RIA Novosti Viktor Murakhovsky, military expert and editor-in-chief of the Arsenal of the Fatherland magazine.

Earlier Ruselectronics holding announced that a radio absorbent material for snowy terrain was developed, which three to four times reduces the detection range of military equipment. In addition, it has a reflection coefficient of 0.5%, which means that it absorbs the radar's electromagnetic radiation by 99.5% and the reflected wave does not allow the radar to detect and recognize a disguised object.

"If the target is not found by pointing tools, there will be no defeat. Of course, elements of thermal protection should go together with the radio absorbent material, as well as with systems of active curtains, which cover the optical and electromagnetic spectrum," Viktor Murakhovsky said.

That's why, he pointed out, the emergence of this material is important from the point of view of its application in the Arctic, “as it's quite difficult to dig there due to the frozen soil and flat terrain,” said the expert.

According to him, the simulation of snow cover is just one of the options.

“The characteristics of this material are determined by its composition; it can simulate both snow and grass. In modern conditions, this is one of the key parameters of military equipment protection, as there are two main guidance systems that are used in modern high-precision weapons. These are optical-thermal and radar heads,” the agency's interlocutor pointed out.

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