Russia's nuclear fleet is 60 years old


Russia's nuclear fleet is 60 years old

Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated Russian shipbuilders, nuclear industry workers and industry veterans on the anniversary of nuclear icebreaking. The telegram was published on Tuesday on the Kremlin website.

"Exactly sixty years ago, on December 3, 1959, the atomic icebreaker Lenin, the world's first civilian ship with a nuclear power plant, was put into operation. Its creation was a landmark event in the history of world shipbuilding and it is considered the birthday of the nuclear icebreaker fleet. The implementation of such a large-scale project became possible thanks to the highest competence and responsible attitude to the work of specialists in various sectors of the domestic economy, fundamental and applied science. Since then, the nuclear icebreaker fleet has made a truly unique contribution to the development of the Arctic, to creating conditions for
He also noted that modern icebreakers provided safe and uninterrupted navigation at high latitudes; they are real research laboratories for studying the Arctic ecosystem. Putin added that the industry’s employees were facing important tasks and three powerful icebreakers were being built at the Baltic Shipyard for the effective solution of these tasks, and new-generation ships were being designed.

The President expressed confidence that the professionalism of Russian shipbuilders and scientists, their commitment to labor traditions would continue to achieve breakthrough achievements in the Arctic direction, to ensure Russia's leadership in the development of the North, in the peaceful use of the atom.

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