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Arctic: today and the future

December 10-12, 2020, SAINT PETERSBURG


Russian scientists will study the influence of the warm weather on the Arctic


Russian scientists will study the influence of the warm weather on the Arctic

Scientists of Tomsk State University will perform an expedition to the Arctic in summer of 2020.  They will study the damage caused by abnormally warm weather to the permafrost of the region, told TASS the university’s press service.

Earlier, the unnaturally high temperatures have been observed in several regions of Russia: the winter was very warm, the spring came a month earlier, in April and May it was also hotter than usually. According to scientists of TSU, during the four months of 2020 the temperature only in Siberia was 5-10 degrees higher than the usual.

According to the press service of the university, climate changes and the processes of permafrost melting were noted by scientists back in 2019, when green oases began to appear in the Arctic; earthworms and other atypical for the local climate species of living creatures. The expedition and its data are necessary as the Arctic climate has a significant impact on the social and economic life of local people. For example, the greening of the Arctic leads to a reduction in lichens and reindeer moss, and thus the need to import animal feed. Permafrost melting also leads to ground movements, which can cause destruction of roads, pipelines, buildings, etc.

“Scientists suggest that 2020, with its abnormal temperatures, will be a serious blow to permafrost. During the new field season and the expedition to the Arctic zone of Russia, TSU researchers will test their hypothesis,” the message says.

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