Russian Nuclear Icebreaker Arktika will get an engine in a year


Russian Nuclear Icebreaker Arktika will get an engine in a year

The rowing electric motor on the Arktika nuclear-powered icebreaker cannot be repaired, so it is planned to replace it at the dock in Kronstadt in 2021. The government is working out  various options for the delivery of the icebreaker, which should be handed over to the customer no later than May 2020. It is not excluded that the icebreaker will be put into trial operation with a loss of capacity from 60 MW to 50 MW. At the moment the vessel is still being tested:the electric propulsion system, reactors and the steam system have been launched, but the terms of their completion will be shifted due to the non-working week.

 As Kommersant learned, an electric propulsion system has been launched on March 25: two and a half propulsion motors were connected with the system. On February 10 and February 19 Kommersant has already reported about partial failure of the right Emergency Propulsion Motor (the EPM) at the mooring trials. Despite this, it was decided to continue mooring and sea trials, and so far the reactors and the steam system of the icebreaker have been successfully launched. It had been planned to complete the work by the end of March, after which Arktika would be sent to the ice tests. But according to Kommersant sources, it is impossible now to meet that deadline because of the president's decree on a non-working week. As a result, according to interlocutors, force majeure will be announced, and the work will have to be postponed until April.

The contract for the construction of the Arktika nuclear icebreaker at the Baltzavod of the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) JSC was concluded in 2012. The value of the contract is  ₽ 37 billion. Initially, it was planned to handle over Arktika in 2017, but the terms were repeatedly postponed. According to the latest data, the icebreaker should have been delivered to the customer by the end of May, after the ice tests.

Representatives of the USC JSC has reported that the corporation strictly follows the orders of the president and the government. Taking into account the continuous nature of some work on the icebreaker, primarily in terms of safety, minimum personnel will be involved. “A number of starting-up and adjustment works on the vessel are left to be completed, while the construction works are done. Of course, there are some problems arise during these works, but we cope with them. Then the vessel has to complete the sea trials”, the corporation explains.


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