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Russia has invested ₽47 billion in utilization of spent nuclear fuel


Russia has invested ₽47 billion in utilization of spent nuclear fuel

During the implementation of international projects for the utilization of spent nuclear fuel and nuclear submarines, stored at Arctic bases in the North-Western Federal District, Russia has invested ₽47 billion. The total amount of money is ₽91 billion, while majority of them was allocated by foreign partners, Rosatom State Nuclear Energy Corporation told TASS. 

“Initially, the foreign partners allocated more funds for disposal of submarines, infrastructure projects for spent fuel and radioactive waste management. However, the situation has changed, and by now the total expenses of Russia and its international partners have approximately equaled. ₽91 billion has been spent between 2003 and 2019, and Russia invested over 47 billion rubles over these years”, said the press service of Rosatom.

According to Rosatom, only during the 2019, ₽6.89 billion has been invested by Russia, while international companies gave ₽1.03 billion.

Today this work is carried out mainly in the Murmansk region, where several facilities with spent nuclear fuel and decommissioned icebreakers and submarines are located. They are: the repository in the Bay of Andreev, the base of the Gremih Navy, where nuclear ships are repaired, and the repository of spent nuclear fuel in the Bay of Saida. 

Anatoly Grigoriev, Head of international technical assistance projects of the International Programs and Projects on Radioactive Waste (RAW), SNF and Decommissioning of Nuclear and Radiation-Hazardous Facilities of Rosatom, has reported earlier that more than half of waste in the North-Western Federal District has been already disposed, while in the Far East Federal District the problem has been completely solved.

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