Rosneft and the Ministry of Natural Resources agreed to cooperate in the Arctic


Rosneft and the Ministry of Natural Resources agreed to cooperate in the Arctic

Rosneft will implement a corporate 4-year programme to study, conserve and monitor the populations of polar bear, Atlantic walrus, wild reindeer and white gull, listed in the Red Book of the Russian Federation. The Ministry of Natural Resources will provide the company with scientific, methodological and information-analytical support.
It is expected that the latest data on the quantitative and qualitative composition of the populations of key species of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation and their migration routes will be obtained within 4 years. Also, biological samples obtained during the field work will be examined in the laboratories. Based on the research results, practical solutions for the protection and monitoring of key species should be formed when the company plans activities in the Arctic.
Exactly a year ago, Rosneft was one of the first to support the initiative of the Ministry of Business and Biodiversity within the framework of the Ecology national project. The company became part of the ministry’s working group, which is engaged in improving legislation in terms of biodiversity conservation in the course of business, environmental education, and providing expert support to business.As Minister Dmitry Kobylkin commented on cooperation, “companies can demonstrate that increasing production is not accompanied by the inevitable deterioration of the state of biodiversity, and in some cases, on the contrary, their presence allows both socio-economic benefits and benefits to maintain ecosystem resilience.”


Rosneft has been implementing "Evenkia Deer", "Evenkia Geese", "Siberian Sable" projects in its regions of presence, programmes to study and conserve polar bears, walruses, and the Amur tiger population since 2014. In 2018, the Company initiated a comprehensive research project aimed at studying the Black Sea dolphins.

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