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Arctic: today and the future

December 10-12, 2020, St.Petersburg


Residents of the Arctic zone will be able to receive free land lots under the simplified procedure


Residents of the Arctic zone will be able to receive free land lots under the simplified procedure

A bill on the issuance of free land lots to people, living in the Arctic zone, has been prepared in accordance with the order of Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Trutnev. This lot can be used for the construction of a residential building or any economic activity. Such an initiative was proposed by the authorities of several Arctic regions. 

“The existing experience of land issuing under a simplified mechanism in the Far East has already shown its simplicity, efficiency and demand. Local residents build houses or start their entrepreneurial activity. Same mechanism will be relevant for the residents of the Arctic territories, as we have already received such proposals from a number of regions”, said Yuri Trutnev.

According to the regional authorities of the Arctic, the demand for suburban land and individual houses had significantly increased during the pandemic. The urgency of simplification of the issuance is also increasing, as the laws on state support of business activity in the Arctic are expected to come into force by the end of summer. This will give an incentive to local people to do business on their land lots. As a result, the Russian Government, taking into account the information about the received appeals, supported the request of the regions and gave an instruction to prepare a relevant bill.

During the first 6 months after the law’s implementation, the right to receive a land lot will be granted only to citizens registered in the Arctic. After this period, any citizen of Russia, as well as the participants of the State program on the voluntary relocation of emigrants, will have such a right. People will be able to receive free of charge lot of land of up to 1 hectare for a period of 5 years. Then this area can be privatized or taken in long-term lease. It is possible to use the land for the construction of house or for any economic activity, including the creation of a household, the provision of various types of services, including tourism, etc. 

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