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Arctic: today and the future

December 10-12, 2020, St.Petersburg


New equipment for uninterrupted power supply in the Arctic


New equipment for uninterrupted power supply in the Arctic

Scientists from South Ural have developed a simulator of a hybrid wind and hydrogen energy complex. It will allow predicting the workability of the generator sets system that will provide uninterrupted power to Arctic objects. The developed program is the first step to the implementation of the energy complex, which has no analogues in the world yet.

During the windy weather the energy in the device is used to convert water into oxygen that goes into the atmosphere and hydrogen that goes into a storage tank. If there is no wind then the electricity is generated during the conversion of oxygen into water.

There are no such systems in operation in the world yet. The conditions of tests conducted on analogues do not correspond to the Arctic climatic indicators. That was the reason to create a program simulating the work of the energy complex components: to be sure in the effectiveness of the proposed approach.

“The program of energy flow management has elements of artificial intelligence. It indicates a high level of development and the prospects of creating systems of fully autonomous energy complexes, managed on the basis of neural networks, - said Evgeny Solomin, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of the Electric Stations, Networks and Power Supply Systems Department at South Ural State University.

According to calculations, the system may operate up to minus 90 °C below zero.

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