N. Korchunov: the development of the Arctic depends on cooperation in the Bering region


N. Korchunov: the development of the Arctic depends on cooperation in the Bering region

Successful cooperation between Russia and the USA in the Bering region is the key to the development of the entire Arctic. This was announced at the IX international forum “Arctic: Today and the Future” by Nikolai Korchunov, Ambassador-at-Large of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He noted that the global nature of the problems in the Bering region requires a joint search for solutions and implies an open dialogue between the two states in various fields.
“There is a practical sphere, the development of which is in the interests of both parties. These are shipping safety, oil,  gas, energy and environmental cooperation, transport links, support for indigenous peoples, cultural exchanges, tourism, relations between twin cities”, - Nikolai Korchunov explained.

According to him, the region is increasingly facing global challenges that are transboundary in nature, such as climatic changes, the growth of economic activity, the increase in the extraction of natural resources, the outflow of the population.

“The issue of ways to develop the Panarctic transport system, of which the transport plan for the development of the Bering region could become a part, is becoming increasingly relevant. We could talk about the formation of a transport system with a year-round functioning focus, including the Arctic sea highway, river and railway communications toward it, as well as an airport network adapted to global climate change in the Arctic”, said Nikolai Korchunov.

Other key points on the agenda of cooperation between Russia and the United States in the Bering region could be to ensure military security and economic progress, improving the quality of life of the population.

“We are convinced that, despite the existing problems at the current stage of our relations with the USA, the Arctic can and should remain a region of constructive interaction between our countries,” Nikolai Korchunov emphasized.

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