Exhibition of the Forum: an excursion into the future of the Arctic


Exhibition of the Forum: an excursion into the future of the Arctic

A large-scale exhibition has begun work at the ExpoForum exhibition center in support of the two-day business programme of the Forum. The largest companies and enterprises operating in the Arctic, as well as the Arctic regions became exhibitors of the Forum.

In the exhibition area of the Forum, regional expositions were presented by the Arctic entities of the Russian Federation. The largest stand was presented by the capital of the Arctic competencies of Russia - St. Petersburg. The achievements of the city’s enterprises integrated into the Arctic development issues, which will allow promising projects to be implemented in the northern latitudes, were included in the stand of St. Petersburg. An unmanned aerial vehicle for aerial photography and delivery of small loads to hard-to-reach areas, a convertiplane for operational monitoring from the air, a phytotechnical complex that can serve as an arctic greenhouse, new types of equipment for working in the Far North, and other products are among those achievements. In total, more than 10 organizations presented their technologies and services.

An exhibition dedicated to shelf projects in the Arctic was presented by Gazprom Neft PJSC. In its center are unique developments implemented by the company to develop the resources of the northernmost region of the planet.

In the center of the stand of Megafon PJSC there is a presentation of the construction project of the first transarctic communication line, which will run along the bottom of the Arctic Ocean.

United Shipbuilding Corporation JSC, one of the largest enterprises in the shipbuilding industry in Russia, showed models of icebreaking class ships.

 Aviation complex named after S.V. Ilyushin PJSC presented the aircraft, prepared for work in severe climatic conditions.

One of the leaders in the production of all-terrain vehicles in Russia - the company "TREKOL" SPC - put on the site super-passable vehicles.

The main exhibitor of the Arctic medicine block was Philips. It introduced ultrasound diagnostic devices that have the ability to interface with mobile devices. The ultrasonic sensor allows implement mobile ultrasound diagnostics with the possibility of real-time telemedicine consultations while it is connected to a smartphone or tablet.

The central place in the SHERP company’s exposition was taken by an all-terrain vehicle designed to operate in the most severe environmental conditions and which by its characteristics has no analogues in the world.

Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University after R.E. Alekseeva exhibited a family of innovative new-generation wheeled and tracked vehicles equipped with a hybrid powerplant and an electromechanical transmission. The equipment can be operated in arctic conditions all year round. According to its developers, in terms of its technical characteristics, it surpasses the best world analogues.

A.P. Karpinsky Russian Geological Research Institute (VSEGEI) showed the results of studies on the geology and mineral resources of the Arctic. Among the exhibits of Bauman Moscow State Technical University are examples of technologies and equipment developed for critical conditions: vehicles, robotic systems, fuel transfer systems, medical devices.

Visitors of the exposition were heads of Russian regions, heads of relevant ministries and departments, directors of large industrial enterprises. The exhibition will run for two days.

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