Crisis Management Centers will be created in the Arctic


Crisis Management Centers will be created in the Arctic

Crisis management centers will be created in the Arctic, Russian Emergency Minister Yevgeny Zinichev said on Tuesday.

"In the framework of joint work with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, Rosatom and other structures, measures are being taken to create Arctic control centers in crisis situations, as well as the development of an aviation group of the Russian Emergencies Ministry in the Arctic", - he said.

Zinichev said that in 2019, the Ministry of Emergencies began to review its approaches to ensuring security in the Arctic, where active work on the economic development of the region and the development of the transport and logistics system of the Northern Sea Route, was underway.

"The implementation of the planned activities should contribute to improving the security of not only the Northern Sea Route, but also the entire continental part of the Arctic region", - the head of the Ministry of Emergency said.

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