Arctic development strategy until 2035 will be ready by March 20


Arctic development strategy until 2035 will be ready by March 20

The development strategy of the Arctic zone of Russia until 2035, which is being developed by the Ministry for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic, will be ready by March 20, Deputy Minister Alexander Krutikov said.

"At present, the draft strategy has been sent for consideration to the federal authorities and the regions included in the Arctic zone. We assume that a series of discussions will take place, after them the strategy will take its final shape. I note that some of the proposals of the regions have already been included in the project. That is, the process is quite active, all interested parties are involved", - he said.

According to Krutikov, until March 20, the draft development strategy for the Arctic zone of Russia will be finally ready for submission to the Security Council of the Russian Federation. It is expected that in early June, the strategy will be presented at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

"The strategy was prepared with the wide participation of the authorities of the Arctic regions, the scientific community, and experts. In August 2019, a special portal was launched where any citizen of Russia could make proposals to the strategy. Over 650 proposals were received from residents of the Arctic territories, so the document was prepared taking into account the wishes of the population. Later, in-person discussions of the document took place in each region of the Arctic", - Krutikov said.

As for the package of "Arctic laws", it is already preparing for submission to the State Duma. In the near future, the final stages of approvals should go through the government’s site.
Ministry for Development of Russian Far East expects that the special economic regime of the Arctic zone will start operating in July.

In December 2019, the Security Council of Russia already approved the "Fundamentals of State Policy in the Arctic." Also in December, the Northern Sea Route Infrastructure Development Plan (NSR) for the period until 2035 was approved. The Agency for the Development of Human Capital and the Fund for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic began to work in the Arctic zone.

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