90 million year old bird fossils found in the Arctic


90 million year old bird fossils found in the Arctic

Researchers at the University of Rochester (the United States) came across the fossilized bones of a bird which inhabited the region some 90 million years ago. The information was published by Scientific Reports, Rossiiskaya Gazeta reports.

The fossils were found on Canada's Axel Heiberg Island. The bird was named Tingmiatornis arctica. By expert evaluation, the bone was 12 centimeters long which suggested that the bird was large and could swim and dive.

Researchers think the bird fed on fish that measured half a meter in length. Examination revealed that it was alive about 90 million years ago, which proves the hypothesis that the climate was warm in the Arctic at that time. 

As calculated, at that period the average yearly temperature was 14 degrees Celsius and 35 degrees Celsius in summer. Conclusions made during the study of ancient shells which were also found on Axel Heiberg Island support this hypothesis.


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