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Arctic: today and the future

December 05-07, 2019, St.Petersburg


The atomic icebreaker "Ural" will be launched in May 2019


The atomic icebreaker "Ural" will be launched in May 2019

The experts of the Baltic Shipyard completed the construction of hull of the universal atomic icebreaker "Ural". It was reported by the enterprise’s press office.

«They loaded the last bow assembly of deck on the atomic icebreaker "Ural", completing the formation of the entire hull of the atomic icebreaker. Weigh of the assembly is almost 70 tons», - it was reported by the press office.

After that, the shipbuilders will begin to work on the formation of the deck erection and carry out a set of works on the preparation for solemn launching. It will be in May 2019.

The universal atomic icebreaker "Ural" is the third ship under construction project 22220.  The head icebreaker (“Arctic”) and the first serial one (“Siberia”) are already launched. After the completion of construction, ships of such type will be the most powerful atomic icebreakers in the world and they should provide nonstop year-round navigation in the western part of the Arctic.

The Baltic Shipyard specializes in the construction of surface vessels of the first rank, ice-class vessels with nuclear and diesel-electric power plants, floating power units. The enterprise was founded in 1856. For a half century of its history, the Baltic Shipyard built about 600 ships and vessels.

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