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Arctic: today and the future

December 05-07, 2019, St.Petersburg


Scientists will create international database on the Arctic flora


Scientists will create international database on the Arctic flora

Scientists from the USA, Canada, Slovenia, Russia and Switzerland are going to develop a common database on vegetation in the Arctic. Such resource will help to assess comprehensively the impact of climate change on the flora. It was reported by the moderator of the Arctic Biodiversity Workshop Gabriela Shepman from Switzerland.

«We are here to understand better the processes of vegetation change in the Arctic. Now the flora data archives exist separately for Alaska, Canada and Russia. I really want to put these databases together to save these data for future generations and create climate models of how climate change affects plant communities», - she said.

It is planned that the database on vegetation of the Arctic will be posted on special website accessible to all scientists. Data will be collected in the similar format. The resource will be used by representatives of enterprises of the extractive industries and builders during the creation of field development projects, the laying of pipelines and the design of human settlements.

«It is a very important thing. Changes in vegetation in the Arctic are one of the indicators of climate change in the Arctic. Indigenous peoples, who live there, should have information about all changes in the Arctic», - Shepman added.

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