Russian travelers set a world record in the Arctic


Russian travelers set a world record in the Arctic

The participants of the Russian expedition "Northern Trail" set a world record. A group of three travelers on snowmobiles covered 12 thousand kilometers, reaching Uelen village - the easternmost settlement of Russia and Eurasia.

«In the entire history of the USSR and the Russian Federation, no one passed a 12 thousand km long route on snowmobiles», — project coordinator Igor Smolin said to the Federal News Agency.

The squad consisted of three experienced travelers from Magnitogorsk: leader Alexander Tabakov, navigator Gennady Chernukha and mechanic Yevgeny Berdnikov.  According to Smolin, no one was able to travel on mechanical vehicles in one season from Murmansk to the eastern tip of Chukotka along the Arctic coast of Russia.

«After a day of rest and maintenance of equipment, the expedition participants will continue to go to Anadyr», — Igor Smolin reported. It is supposed that the southernmost point of Kamchatka Cape Lopatka will be the end point of the trip. If travelers manage to get there before breakups of rivers, it will be the one more record and the participants of the expedition will cover 17 thousand km.

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