The IX International Forum

Arctic: today and the future

December 05-07, 2019, St.Petersburg


The Marine Doctrine of the country particularly emphasizes the Arctic direction


The Marine Doctrine of the country particularly emphasizes  the Arctic direction

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin approved the updated marine doctrine, which covers six regional directions. Head of the State Vladimir Putin noted that the main purpose of this highly complex document is to provide a coherent, consistent, and effective marine policy for Russia, aimed at the protection of Russia's interests. Particular emphasis is placed on the Arctic direction as a result of the Northern Sea Route development and continental shelf exploitation.

“Russia is continuously building its presence in the Arctic. This implies increased significance of the Northern Sea Route. For us the Arctic means unlimited and free access to the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. And, of course, it is the wealth of the continental shelf that requires careful attention towards exploitation”, said Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.

Russia is the largest Arctic country in the world. Of the 4.6 million of the world's population living in the Arctic region, about 2.5 million people live in the territory of Russia. Russia extracts about 80% of its natural gas and more than 90% of its nickel and cobalt in the Arctic; the Arctic provides for 12–15% of Russian GDP and about a quarter of the country's exports. This is in view of the fact that a larger part of the Russian North remains unexplored. “We should consider the Arctic region as the new national megaproject", said Deputy Minister of Economic Development Aleksander Tsibulskii. In light of the size of the Arctic territories of Russia, according to his words, there is no other option rather than to be a leader in research and development of the region.

“The fulfillment of this goal is possible only through consolidation of efforts by the state and society. The framework of “Arctic: Today And The Future” forum provides an excellent opportunity to discuss plans for joint actions on sustainable development of the northern regions of Russia”, he stressed during his statement in 2014 on “Arctic: Today And The Future” forum.

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