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Japan has plans to use the Northern Sea Route


Japan has plans to use the Northern Sea Route

The capabilities of the Arctic Ocean and the Northern Sea Route have expanded due to the melting of ice and the development of ice-breaking technologies. The region may become a new maritime artery, including through the supply of LNG from Russia. It was reported by Japanese «Nihon».

Japan has already begun to use the transport capabilities of the Arctic Ocean. Last year, MOL sent cargoes to Europe 19 times using two icebreakers. In 2019, another high ice class ship will be put into operation. In 2022, a new LNG plant will be launched. According to journalists, Japanese companies want to invest money in the gas project, because the company will open up broad prospects due to the increased needs of the country. Tokyo is interested in the ocean and the NSR due to the possibility of diversifying fuel supplies. Moreover, Japan will get possibility to deliver cargoes to Europe and Asia three times faster than through the Suez Canal.

However, Tokyo does not like that Russia, speaking about the use of the NSR, wants to impose restrictions and force other countries to use Russian ships. The author of the Nihon calls on countries to put pressure on Moscow to make the sea route accessible, safe and effective.  Journalist supposes that Japan could “pocket” the NSR and use it in its own way. It will be assisted by the first meeting of ministers of science of the Arctic states of 2020, where the development of the Arctic, cooperation in the field of ecology and meteorology will be discussed.  According to the author of the article, it is a good chance to use the NSR properly.

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