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Arctic: today and the future

December 05-07, 2019, St.Petersburg


Akimov noted that the expansion of the Arctic zone of Russian Federation was a historical event


Akimov noted that the expansion of the Arctic zone of Russian Federation was a historical event

The inclusion of eight regions of Yakutia into the Arctic zone is a historical and significant event. Such an opinion was expressed by the deputy chairman of the committee of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation on federal structure, regional policy, local self-government and affairs of the North Alexander Akimov.

«These areas have all criteria for the status of the Arctic. People are very grateful for this decision. Of course, these are arctic areas. There is a complex transport scheme, difficult climatic conditions. But people live, traditional industries are developing: reindeer herding, hunting, fishing, folk crafts.  There are pockets of industry, powerful gold and tin mining enterprises», - Alexander Akimov said.

He noted that it was really rich region, where there were stocks of rare-earth metals. Therefore, giving a special status will lead to the development of the economy of the new Arctic regions.

In particular, the Republic of Sakha has its own arctic targeted program. At the federal level, the Strategy for the Development of the Arctic Zone of Russia is being developed, a project of the relevant law and a large-scale investment program are being prepared.

«I think that the inclusion of regions into this zone will help them to develop comprehensively. We considered this issue; the decision was supported by the Ministry for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic. This is a significant event for Yakutia», - Alexander Akimov said.

The decree on the expansion of the Arctic zone was signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin. According to it, eight districts of Yakutia are included in the composition of land areas. There are Abyisky, Verkhnekolymsky, Verkhoyansky, Zhigansky, Momsky, Olenyoksky, Srednekolymsky and Eveno-Bytantaysky regions. All of them are totally or partially located beyond the Arctic Circle. Therefore, the total number of Arctic regions has increased to 13.

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