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Arctic: today and the future

December 05-07, 2019, St.Petersburg


Akimov: “We need a comprehensive law on the accelerated development of the Arctic zone”


Akimov: “We need a comprehensive law on the accelerated development of the Arctic zone”

It is necessary to adopt a comprehensive, systemic law on the accelerated social and economic development of the Arctic zone and federation subjects located there. It was reported by the press office of the Federation Council on federal structure, regional policy, local self-government and the affairs of the North Alexander Akimov.

«This law should be aimed at accelerated solving of issues such as development of infrastructure, Northern Sea Route, small aircraft and energy», — he said.

One of the most important topics for Akimov is preservation of the Arctic ecosystem in the context of climate change and melting ice. He declared that it was necessary to create conditions for the application of modern resource and labor-saving technologies. In addition, they should consider a training system. He recalled that this topic was discussed at a meeting of the Council for the Arctic and Antarctic at the Federation Council.

Now there are three basic federal universities in the Arctic zone of Russia, Akimov said. However, there are not enough teachers, doctors and other specialists, the senator said. He considers that it is necessary to develop the Arctic model of public health and education, to develop telemedicine and space communications, to preserve the traditional activities of the indigenous people - reindeer herding, fishing and hunting.

Also, he noted that the oil and gas industry was developing rapidly in this zone. In this connection, it is worthwhile to improve transport logistics, the Northern Sea Route, and to build the Northern Latitudinal way.

Also Akimov proposed to create a mechanism of tax preferences for Russian foreign enterprises that were ready to invest in the Arctic projects. It is necessary to consider the moral and material incentives of the people living there, a number of social benefits, he said.

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