About the Forum

On December 5-7, 2018 the VIII International Forum "Arctic: Today and the Future" will be held in St. Petersburg in the congress and exhibition center "EXPOFORUM".

The "Association of Polar Explorers" has been the organizer of the international forum "Arctic: Today and the Future" since 2011.

The forum has established itself as an authoritative discussion platform, which contributes to solving current issues of Arctic development through dialogue with civil society.

The public role of the forum was recognized for the all-Russian agenda, and for the development of international cooperation.

The Forum contributes to the achievement of Russia's main national interests in the Arctic through the development of interaction between civil society and the authorities in the format of a public dialogue and with participants in international non-governmental interaction in the format of public diplomacy.

The Forum is fully integrated into the development cycle of the public agenda and offers an analysis of the issues, the collection and discussion of public initiatives, the preparation and promotion of practical proposals, and participates in the formation of an information field.

The topic of the Forum's discussion areas covers all areas and relevant aspects of the development of the Russian Arctic. The program concept of the Forum in 2018 assumes consideration of this broad theme through the prism of current contemporary accents. This is the development of mentoring and the education of the younger generation as a link between the accumulated experience and the prospects for tomorrow, the development of volunteerism as the driving force of civil society, the development of international non-governmental interaction as an effective medium for public diplomacy.

Extensive discussion on the platform takes place during 8 parallel discussions in various working formats. such as plenary sessions, working sessions, round tables.

More than 2000 people annually take part in the forum, among them are representatives of 40 Russian regions and 20 foreign countries. In 2018 more than 350 speakers will present their proposals at the Forum.

The format of the event provides for the organization of an exhibition in support of the agenda of the participants in the discussion. These are projects and technologies for the social and economic and technological development of the modern Arctic and exhibits of an original culture of the peoples of the Russian Arctic. The largest Russian companies working in the Arctic and Russian regions represent their projects.

The forum annually becomes a significant event in the Russian and international information field. The main information partners of the event are the leading Russian news agencies.

The annual results of the Arctic agenda will be summed up at the end of the forum and a public resolution for 2018 will be issued in March next year. The collection of proposals for inclusion in the Resolution began in June.

The Association of Polar Explorers invites all participants in the Arctic to become participants and partners of the Forum.